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Популярная физика

Scientific american (January 2004) 2004 г 97 c pdf 3.1 Мб
Laws of Order and Chaos Angrist S.W., Hepler L.G. 1967 г 237 c djvu 1.7 Мб

"It looks full of hard words and signs and numbers, not very entertaining or understandable looking, and I wonder whether it will make people wiser or better." So wrote a cousin of Josiah Willard Gibbs when she happened onto a copy of his most famous paper on thermodynamics lying on his desk.
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Four Laws That Drive the Universe Atkins, Peter 2007 г pdf 1.5 Мб

The laws of thermodynamics drive everything that happens in the universe.
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Impossibility. The Limits of Science and the Science of Limits Barrow J.D. 1999 г 247 c pdf 3.8 Мб

In Impossibility, John D. Barrow — one of our most elegant and accomplished science writers — argues convincingly that there are limits to human discovery, that there are things that are ultimately unknowable, undoable, or unreachable.
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The Tao of Physics Capra F. pdf 11 Мб
Why Does E=mc2? (And Why Should We Care?) Cox B., Forshaw J. 2010 г 272 c pdf 1.4 Мб

What does E=mc2 actually mean? Dr. Brian Cox and Professor Jeff Forshaw go on a journey to the frontier of twenty-first century science to unpack Einstein’s famous equation.
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Auf dem Weg zur Weltformel: Superstrings, Chaos, Komplexitaet Ueber den neuesten Stand der Physik Davies P., Gribbin J. 1997 г 286 c pdf 1.1 Мб

Superstrings, Chaos, Komplexität. Die Sicht des Universums hat sich gravierend geändert.
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Quantum theory and the brain Donald M.J. 1990 г 52 c pdf 441 Кб

A human brain operates as a pattern of switching. An abstract definition of a quantum mechanical switch is given which allows for the continual random fluctuations in the warm wet environment of the brain.
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The world as I see it Einstein A. 1993 г 76 c pdf 387 Кб

This book does not represent a complete collection of the articles, addresses, and pronouncements of Albert Einstein; it is a selection made with a definite object — namely, to give a picture of a man.
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Die evolution der physik Einstein A., Infeld L. 1987 г 265 c djvu 2.4 Мб
Kümmert Sie, was andere Leute denken? Neue Abenteuer eines neugierigen Physikers Feynman R.P. 2001 г 237 c pdf 1.8 Мб
Sie belieben wohl zu scherzen, Mr. Feynman! Feynman R.P. 1987 г 463 c pdf 1.2 Мб
The Meaning of it All Feynman R.P. 1999 г 74 c pdf 181 Кб

In April 1963, Richard P. Feynman gave a series of remarkable lectures at the University of Washington in Seattle.
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What do you care what other people think? Feynman R.P. 1989 г 197 c djvu 10 Мб

First, although the central character in this book is the same as before, the “adventures of a curious character” here are different: some are light and some tragic, but most of the time Mr. Feynman is surely not joking—although it’s often hard to tell.

Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman! Feynman R.P. 1997 г 133 c pdf 560 Кб

A series of anecdotes shouldn’t by rights add up to an autobiography, but that’s just one of the many pieces of received wisdom that Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman (1918-88) cheerfully ignores in his engagingly eccentric book, a bestseller ever since its initial publication in 1985.
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The Big Bang Theory: What It Is, Where It Came From, and Why It Works Fox K. 2002 г 206 c pdf 477 Кб

This compelling book describes how the Big Bang theory arose, how it has evolved, and why it is the best theory so far to explain the current state of the universe.
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The Tao of physics Fritjof Capra 1975 г 330 c djvu 2.7 Мб
Die verbogene Raum-Zeit Fritzsch H. 1997 г 391 c pdf 4.5 Мб

In unterhaltsam erklärenden Gesprächen zwischen Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein und einem fiktiven modernen Physiker kommt all das zur Sprache, was der Leser die beiden Genies zum Thema Gravitation auch selbst fragen würde.
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Eine Formel verändert die Welt Fritzsch H. 2001 г 328 c pdf 3.4 Мб
Dialogues concerning two new sciens Galileo G. 300 c djvu 2.9 Мб
The cosmic clocks Gauquelin M. 1969 г 224 c djvu 3 Мб
General relativity from A to B Geroch R. 1978 г djvu 1.3 Мб

This book grew out of the lecture notes for a course author gave in 1975 to nonscience undergraduates at the University of Chicago.

The elegant univerce Greene B. 2000 г 427 c djvu 4.7 Мб
The Fabric of the Cosmos Greene B. pdf 25 Мб
Light and dark Greene P.D. 2002 г 221 c pdf 2 Мб

Encourages us to take a more careful look at many familiar phenomena, such as the variations in the duration of twilight through the year and the ability of human vision to misinterpret patterns of lines under certain conditions.
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A life in a science Hawking S. 2002 г 348 c gz 628 Кб

The forces shaping the life of renowned physicist Hawking seem as strangely charged as those he describes in his physics.
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Space and Time Warps Hawking S. 6 c pdf 132 Кб
A brief history of time Hawking S. 1996 г 100 c pdf 1.4 Мб

Stephen Hawking, one of the most brilliant theoretical physicists in history, wrote the modern classic A Brief History of Time to help nonscientists understand the questions being asked by scientists today: Where did the universe come from?
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Neues aus Astrophysic und Kosmologie Hebbeker T. 2001 г 41 c djvu 1.9 Мб
True Genius: The Life and Science of John Bardeen Hoddeson L., Daitch V. 2002 г 467 c djvu 3.1 Мб

The fact that he won an unprecedented two Nobel prizes in physics (in 1956 and 1972) may be the only extraordinary thing about John Bardeen.
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History of light and color Johnston S.F. 2001 г 281 c pdf 2.5 Мб

This book is about how light was made to count. It explores a seemingly simple question: How was the brightness of light—casually judged by everyone but seldom considered a part of science before the 20th century—transformed into a measurable and trustworthy quantity?
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Splitting the second Jones T. 2000 г 199 c pdf 1.6 Мб

Astronomers were historically the custodians of time, but the discovery that the period of Earth’s rotation is not constant meant that they needed to reassess their basic units.
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Experiment, Theory, Practice: Articles, Addresses Kapitza P.L. 1980 г 446 c pdf 15 Мб

English translation of Russian second edition.

Black Holes Wormholes and Time Machines Khalili J.A. pdf 1.3 Мб
Science of everyday things (volume 2). Real-life physics Knight J. 2001 г 365 c djvu 6 Мб
Science of everyday things (volume 3). Real-life biology Knight J. 2001 г 396 c djvu 8 Мб

The first two volumes of this series are Real-Life Chemistry and Real-Life Physics, released in 2001.
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Jeneseits von Star Trek Krauss L. 1997 г 134 c rar 227 Кб

Lawrence M. Krauss’s publishing record reveals his knowledge of dark matter, cosmic strings, baryon number violations at the electroweak scale — and the mysterious, sometimes bogus TV “science” that the Star Trek generation cut its teeth on. Krauss’s previous book, The Physics of Star Trek, was readable, educational, and clever, never talking down to the layman or trivializing physics.
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Die physik von Star Trek Krauss L. 1996 г 128 c rar 2.6 Мб

Written by a renowned theoretical physicist, this book boldly goes where Star Trek has gone before.
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Nehmen wir an die Kuh ist eine Kugel Krauss M. 1998 г 252 c pdf 1 Мб
Que es la teoria de la relatividad Landau L., Rumer Y. 1985 г 81 c pdf 552 Кб
The Noble prize: the first 100 years Levinovitz A.W., Ringertz N. 2001 г 236 c djvu 1.7 Мб

This volume consists of overview articles first written for the official web site of the Nobel Foundation.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist: great amateurs of science Malone J. 2002 г 232 c pdf 1.5 Мб

An enlightening survey of the mavericks, misfits, and unschooled investigators who have been responsible for some of the greatest scientific discoveries in history.
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History of electromagnetism Meyer H. 1972 г djvu 3.2 Мб
Organic and inorganic nanostructures Nabok A. 2005 г 268 c pdf 4.6 Мб

Providing you with a comprehensive and up-to-date understanding of organic and inorganic nanostructures, this cutting-edge resource covers all aspects of this fast-growing area of nanotechnology.
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Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy. Volume 1. The Motion of Bodies Newton I. pdf 16 Мб
Perfect Symmetry. The Search for the Beginning of Time Pagels H. pdf 3.8 Мб
How nature works Per Bak 1996 г 212 c djvu 3.5 Мб

In print, at least, what might seem arrogant comes across as a kind of innocent, childlike enthusiasm, a lack of concern for anything but the sheer joy of figuring things out.
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Fisica recreativa I Perelman Y.I. 168 c pdf 2.7 Мб
Problemas y experimentos recreativos Perelman Y.I. 373 c pdf 7 Мб
Fisica recreativa II Perelman Y.I. 227 c pdf 2.5 Мб

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