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Статистическая физика и термодинамика

Stochastic Processes in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology 2000 г 499 c pdf 25 Мб

The series lecture notes in physics reports new developments in physical research and teaching-quickly,informally,and at a high level.

Statistical Physics of Non-Thermal Phase Transitions Abaimov S.G. 2015 г 497 c Фазовые переходы pdf 24 Мб

This book addresses the application of methods used in statistical physics to complex systems—from simple phenomenological analogies to more complex aspects, such as correlations, fluctuation-dissipation theorem, the concept of free energy, renormalization group approach and scaling.
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Nonextensive statistical mechanics and its applications Abe S., Okamoto Y. (eds.) 2000 г 279 c pdf 1.9 Мб

Nonextensive statistical mechanics is now a rapidly growing field and a new stream in the research of the foundations of statistical mechanics.
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Quantum Field Theoretical Methods in Statistical Physics Abrikosov A.A. 1965 г 379 c djvu 4.6 Мб

The present monograph by three prominent Russian Theoreticians from Landau's Institute is by now well known to Western readers, and the question may be asked why a second English version is being brought out.

Stochastic Processes Formalism and Applications Agarwal G.S., Dattagupta S. (eds.) 1983 г 322 c djvu 1.8 Мб

A winter school on STOCHASTIC PROCESSES -- FORMALISM AND APPLICATIONS was held at the University of Hyderabad December 15 - 24, 1982.
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Stochastic Processes in Classical and Quantum Systems Albeverio S., Casati G., Merlini D. (eds.) 1986 г 550 c djvu 3.2 Мб

The theory of stochastic processes has developed rapidly in recent years.
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Stochastic Processes in Quantum Theory and Statistical Physics Albeverio S., Combe Ph., Sirugue-Collin M. (eds.) 1982 г 336 c djvu 1.8 Мб

Depuis quelques annees, la thgorie des probabilites a acquis un statut important en physique mathematique, alors que jusque Ia, ses concepts comale ses methodes n'avaient joue qu'un role marginal, ceci meme en mecanique statistique classique, qui est un domaine naturel pour l'application de telles idles.

Generalized Boltzmann Physical Kinetics Alexeev B. 2004 г 368 c pdf 2.2 Мб

About twenty years ago it was shown by the author of this book that taking into account the variation of the distribution function over times of the order of the collision time led to additional terms in the Boltzmann equation, which were proportional to mean time between collisions of particles and therefore to the Knudsen number and viscosity in the hydrodynamic limit of the theory.
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Thermodynamics of Natural Systems Anderson G.M. 2005 г 648 c pdf 2.8 Мб
Instabilities in laser-matter interaction Anisimov S., Khokhlov V. 1995 г 147 c djvu 1.3 Мб

In the present book, a review is given of thermal and hydrodynamic instabilities appearing in laser-matter interactions at moderate intensities.
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Advaced Thermodynamic Engineering Annamalai K., Puri I.K. 2002 г 305 c djvu 2.6 Мб

This book contains information obtained from authentic and highly regarded sources.
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Thermodynamics and statistical mechanics Attard P. 2002 г 424 c djvu 3 Мб

A physical explanation of entropy based upon the laws of probability is introduced.
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Explosive Boiling of Superheated Cryogenic Liquids Baidakov V.G. 2007 г 340 c Фазовые переходы pdf 2.1 Мб

The monograph is devoted to the description of the kinetics of spontaneous boiling of superheated liquefied gases and their solutions.
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Equilibrium and Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics Balescu R. 1975 г 742 c djvu 6 Мб

The decision to draw a final full stop at the end of a manuscript is always a very difficult one.
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Lecture Notes in Physics (7). Lectures in Statistical Physics Balescu R., Lebowitz J.L. 1971 г 181 c djvu 819 Кб

These lectures are taken from the Advanced School for Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics organized by the Center for Statistical mechanics of the University of Texas at Austin,(Professor Ilya Prigogine director).
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Lectures in Statistical Physics Balescu R., Lebowitz J.L., Prigogine I., Resibois P., Salsburg Z.W. 1971 г 181 c djvu 650 Кб

These lectures are taken from the Advanced School for Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics organized by the Center for Statistical Mechanics of the University of Texas at Austin,(Professor Ilya Prigogine director.
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From microphysics to macrophysics. Methods and Applications of Statistical Physics. Volume 1 Balian R. 2006 г 465 c djvu 3.2 Мб

Although it has changed considerably in both coverage and length, this book originated from lecture courses at the Ecole Polytechnique.
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Ein Vergleich expliziter algebraischer Reynolds-Spannungsmodelle Baumer V. 2000 г 171 c pdf 3.7 Мб
Equilibrium Statistical Physics Baus M., Tejero C.F. 2008 г 364 c pdf 2.1 Мб

The purpose of this textbook is to introduce the student to a basic area of macroscopic physics, namely the statistical mechanical study of the different phases of matter, as well as the phase transitions between them.
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Exactly solved models in statistical mechanics Baxter R.J. 1989 г 502 c djvu и pdf всего 19 Мб

This book was conceived as a slim monograph, but grew to its present size as I attempted to set down an account of two-dimensional lattice models in statistical mechanics, and how they have been solved.
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Entropy demystified. The second law of thermodynamics reduced to plain common sense Ben-Naim A. 2007 г 221 c pdf 1.9 Мб
Methodes geometriques pour systemes thermodynamiques Benayoun L. 1999 г 240 c pdf 873 Кб
Statistical mechanics Bergersen B. 2001 г 113 c djvu 546 Кб

These notes contain material from lectures in two courses PHYS 303 and 455 at UBC.
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Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer Bergman T., Lavine A. 2017 г 1046 c pdf 14 Мб

This book 8th Edition has been the gold standard of heat transfer pedagogy for many decades, with a commitment to continuous improvement by four authors’ with more than 150 years of combined experience in heat transfer education, research and practice.
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Statistical Mechanics. Part B: Time-Dependent Processes Berne B.J. 1977 г 362 c djvu 3.3 Мб

Statistical mechanics brings together under one roof a broad spectrum of mathematical techniques.
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Monte Carlo Simulation in Statistical Physics Binder K., Heermann D.W. 2010 г 212 c Моделирование физических процессов pdf 4.1 Мб

Monte Carlo Simulation in Statistical Physics deals with the computer simulation of many-body systems in condensed-matter physics and related fields of physics, chemistry and beyond, to traffic flows, stock market fluctuations, etc.). Using random numbers generated by a computer, probability distributions are calculated, allowing the estimation of the thermodynamic properties of various systems.
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Transport Phenomena. 2nd Edition Bird R.B., Lightfoot E.N., Stewart W.E. 2002 г 895 c djvu 18 Мб

Treats momentum transport (viscous flow), energy transport (heat conduction, convection, and radiation), and mass transport (diffusion).
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Fundamentals of Statistical Mechanics Bloch F. 1989 г 302 c djvu 2.4 Мб

Statistical mechanics is a powerful subject. It is the key to understanding the physical behavior of the many-body systems making up the world around us. The basic goal is to relate the physical properties of a macroscopic laboratory sample in thermal equilibrium to the detailed dynamical behavior of the atomic and subatomic systems constituting the sample.
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Irreversibility and causality. Semigroups and rigged Hilbert spaces Bohm A., Doebner H.-D., Kielanowski P. (eds.) 1998 г 384 c djvu 2 Мб

This volume has its origin in the Semigroup Symposium which was organized in connection with the 21st International Colloquium on Group Theoretical Methods in Physics (ICGTMP) at Goslar, Germany, July 16-21, 1996.
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Molecular hydrodynamics Boon J.P., Yip S. 1980 г 418 c djvu 4.5 Мб

This graduate-level introduction to the theory and applications of time correlation functions and the molecular theory of fluid dynamics provides experimentalists with the theoretical tools useful for analysis of experimental results, and theoreticians a comprehensive source of illustrations of theories most relevant in practical applications.
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Thermodynamik auf statistischer Grundlage Bopp F. 1965 г 218 c djvu 3.1 Мб

Wir nennen diese Vorlesung "Thermostatistik11 und verstehen darunter eine durch die statistische Mechanik begründete Thermodynamik.
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Fundamentals of Thermodynamics Borgnakke C., Sonntag R.E. 2012 г 912 c pdf 25 Мб

Now in a new edition, this book continues to set the standard for teaching readers how to be effective problem solvers, emphasizing the authors’s signature methodologies that have taught over a half million students worldwide.
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Probabilities in physics Bricmont J. et al. 2001 г 265 c pdf 1.5 Мб
The nature of thermodynamics Bridgman P.W. 1943 г 229 c djvu 1.8 Мб
Kinetic Theory of Granular Gases Brilliantov N.V., Poschel T. 2004 г 329 c djvu 3.1 Мб

The.present book is intended to serve as an introduction to statistical mechanics and the kinetic theory of granular gases as it has been developed mainly during the past decade.
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Kinetic Theory of Granular Gases Brilliantov N.V., Pöschel T. 2004 г 329 c pdf 18 Мб

Kinetic Theory of granular Gases provides an introduction to the rapidly developing theory of dissipative gas dynamics as it has been developed mainly during the past decade.
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The kinetic theory of gases: an anthology of classic papers with historical commentary Brush S.G., Hall S.N. pdf 32 Мб

This book introduces physics students and teachers to the historical development of the kinetic theory of gases, by providing a collection of the most important contributions by Clausius, Maxwell and Boltzmann, with introductory surveys explaining their significance.
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Thermodynamics: an introductory treatise Bryan G.H. 1906 г 204 c djvu 11 Мб

The earlier chapters of the text are devoted to an elementary exposition of the theory of Galois Fields chiefly in their abstract form.
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A Guide to Physics Problems. Part 2. Thermodynamics, Statistical Physics, and Quantum Mechanics Cahn S., Mahan G.D. Nadgorny B. 2004 г 349 c pdf 6 Мб

A Guide to Physics Problems is a two-volume set of problems taken from Ph.D. qualifying exams.
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Thermodynamics and An Introduction to thermostatistics Callen H.B. 1985 г 496 c djvu 7 Мб

Two primary curricular options are listed in the "menu" following.
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Challenges to the Second Law of Thermodynamics: Theory and Experiment Capek V., Sheehan D. 2005 г 347 c pdf 3 Мб

This monograph is the first to examine modern challenges to the second law.
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Scaling and Renormalization in Statistical Physics Cardy J. 1996 г 252 c djvu 2.2 Мб

Scaling concepts play a central role in the analysis of the ever more complex systems which nowadays are the focus of much attention in the physical sciences.
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Thermodynamik und statistik Cassing W. 1999 г 151 c gz 786 Кб
Disordered Systems and Localization Castellani C., Castro C.Di., Peliti L. (eds.) 1981 г 308 c djvu 1.9 Мб

The 1970s have witnessed the success of a paradigm (+) , the renormalization group, introduced in condensed matter physics to face a serious challenge to statistical mechanics: the understanding of critical phenomena.
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Heat transfer: a practical approach Cengel Y.A. 2002 г 873 c pdf 10 Мб
Thermodynamics: an engineering approach (5ed.) Cengel, Boles. 963 c pdf 21 Мб

This book is intended for use as a textbook by undergraduate engineering students in their sophomore or junior year, and as a reference book for practicing engineers.
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Solutions manual for: Thermodynamics: an engineering approach (5ed.) Cengel, Boles. 1733 c djvu 12 Мб
Slow rarefied flows. Theory and application to micro-electro-mechanical systems Cercignani C. 2006 г 166 c pdf 1.2 Мб

This volume is intended to cover the present status of the mathematical tools used to deal with problems related to slow rarefied flows.
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Introduction to modern statistical mechanics Chandler D. 1987 г 274 c djvu 2.1 Мб

Leading physical chemist David Chandler takes a new approach to statistical mechanics to provide the only introductory-level work on the modern topics of renormalization group theory, Monte Carlo simulations, time correlation functions, and liquid structure.
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Stochastic problems in physics and astronomy Chandrasekhar S. 1943 г 89 c djvu 4 Мб

IN this review we shall consider certain fundamental probability methods which are finding applications increasingly in a wide variety of problems and in fields as different as colloid chemistry and stellar dynamics.
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