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Общая физика

Reviews of modern physics. Volume 71. Special Issue 1999 г 493 c djvu 9 Мб

This section presents articles describing historic developments in a number of major areas of physics, prepared by authors who played important roles in these developments.
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Advances in Mechanics and Mathematics. Volume 2. Nonsmooth mechanics and analysis: Theoretical and numerical advances Alart P., Maisonneuve O., Rockafellar R.T. (eds.) 2006 г 317 c pdf 2.5 Мб

In the course of the last fifty years, developments in nonsmooth analysis and nonsmooth mechanics have often been closely linked.
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Physics Aristotle 2004 г 135 c pdf 363 Кб

The eighth book of Aristotle’s Physics is the culmination of his theory of nature.
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Hyugens and Barrow, Newton and Hooke Arnol’d V.I. 1990 г 118 c djvu 1.4 Мб

В книге написанной на основе лекции для студентов, рассказывается о рождении современной математики и теоретической физики в трудах великих ученых XVII века.
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Principles of Modern Physics Ashby N., Miller S. 1970 г 513 c djvu 4.9 Мб

This book is intended as a general introduction to modem physics for science and engineering students.
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Elasticity (2nd edition) Barber J. 2002 г 431 c djvu 2.7 Мб

Since the first edition of this book was published, there have been major improvements in symbolic mathematical languages such as MapleTM and MathematicaTM and this has opened up the possibility of solving considerably more complex and hence interesting and realistic elasticity problems as classroom examples.
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Non-Linearity and Breakdown in Soft Condensed Matter Bardhan K.K., Chakrabarti B.K., Hansen A. (eds.) 1994 г 340 c djvu 2.9 Мб

There have been considerable advances in recent times in understanding many common material processes such as nonlinear response, fracture, breakdown, earthquakes, packing, granular flow, etc., thatare of immense practical importance.

Quantized Vortex Dynamics and Superfluid Turbulence Barenghi C.F., Donnelly R.J., Vinen W.F. (eds.) 2001 г 433 c djvu 2.7 Мб

My aim in this article is to introduce the basic properties of quantized vortex lines in Helium II and summarize the main experimental observations of superfluid turbulence.
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Introduction to the basic concepts of modern physics Becchi C.M., D'Elia M. 2007 г 155 c pdf 1.2 Мб

These notes are designed as a text book for a course on the Modern Physics Theory for undergraduate students.
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Schaum’s easy outline applied physics Beiser A. 2003 г 138 c zip 5 Мб

What could be better than the bestselling Schaum’s Outline series?
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Handbuch der Elementarphysik Berliner A. 1922 г 668 c djvu 19 Мб
Continuum thermomechanics Bermudez de Castro A. 2005 г 202 c pdf 1 009 Кб

This book is intended to be an extension of Gurtin’s book on continuum mechanics by including the laws of thermodynamics and thus making it possible to study the mechanical behaviour of material bodies, the response of which involves variables such as entropy or temperature.
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Creep Mechanics. 2nd Edition Betten J. 2005 г 365 c djvu 2 Мб

In the revision of this monograph for a second edition, the primary intention and purpose of the first edition have been preserved.
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Applications of classical physics Blandford R.D., Thorne K.S 2003 г 980 c djvu 12 Мб

This is a book about classical physics. It is a book about the interpretation of physical phenomena on the large scale, when the particle nature of matter and radiation is secondary to the behavior of these particles in bulk, when their statistical as opposed to their individual properties are important and when their inherent graininess can be smoothed over.
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Chance in Physics Bricmont J., et al. (eds.) 2001 г 19 c djvu 109 Кб

Boltzmann’s explanation of approach to equilibrium, is very clearly discussed, in a general framework, by Sheldon Goldstein in his contribution to this volume [7]; so, I will not repeat it here.
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Guide to Physics Problems. Part 1: Mechanics, Relativity, and Electrodynamics Cahn B.S., Nadgorny B. 2004 г 325 c pdf 7 Мб

In order to arm hopeful graduate students with the knowledge necessary to pass the qualifying examination, the authors have assembled and solved standard and original problems from four major American universities and Moscow Phys-Tech.
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Elasticity with Mathematica. An introduction to continuum mechanics and linear elasticity Constantinescu A., Korsunsky A. 2007 г 267 c pdf 2.5 Мб

The idea for this book arose when the authors discovered, working together on a particular problem in elastic contact mechanics, that they were making extensive and repeated use of MathematicaTM as a powerful, convenient, and versatile tool.
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Waves. A mathematical approach to the common types of wave motion. 2nd Edition Coulson C.A. 1977 г 229 c djvu 1.8 Мб

A mathematical approach to the common types of wave motion. Second edition.
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Instructor’s Guide Crowell B. 2003 г 18 c pdf 112 Кб

What’s distinctive about this bo ok is that it is reform-oriented: it emphasizes depth over breadth, it is designed to support active learning, and it never intro- duces a new concept with an unmotivated equation.
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Conservation Laws Crowell B. 1998 г 122 c pdf 1.4 Мб

Intermediate level.

The Modern Revolution in Physics. Volume 6 Crowell B. 2002 г 132 c pdf 1.5 Мб

Intermediate level.

Experimentalphysik 2: Elektrizitaet und Optik Demtroeder W. 2004 г 482 c pdf 14 Мб
Elastodynamics. Volume 1. Finite Motions Eringen A.C., Suhubi E.S. 1974 г 355 c djvu 2.8 Мб

Volume I consists of four chapters and two appendices. Chapter I deals with the development of the fundamental equations of the dynamical theory of thermoelasticity.
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Lectures on the Forces of Matter Faraday M. 56 c pdf 153 Кб
Feynman Lectures on Physics. Volumes 1, 2, 3 Feynman R.P. 1963 г 1376 c pdf 83 Мб

The need for a basic revision arose both from the rapid development of physics in recent decades and from the fact that entering freshmen have shown a steady increase in mathematical ability as a result of improvements in high school mathematics course content.
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The Feynman Lectures on Physics. Volume 1 Feynman R.P., Leighton R.B., Sands M. 1963 г 525 c djvu 9 Мб

The Feynman Lectures on Physics by Richard Feynman, Robert Leighton, and Matthew Sands is perhaps Feynman’s most accessible technical work and is considered a classic introduction to modern physics.
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The Feynman Lectures on Physics. Volume 2 Feynman R.P., Leyton R.B., Sands M. 1964 г 550 c djvu 11 Мб

The first volume focuses on mechanics, radiation, and heat. The second volume is mainly on electromagnetism and matter.
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The Feynman Lectures on Physics. Volume 3 Feynman R.P., Leyton R.B., Sands M. 1964 г 334 c djvu 6 Мб

The first volume focuses on mechanics, radiation, and heat. The second volume is mainly on electromagnetism and matter.
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The Physics Companion Fischer-Cripps A.C. 2003 г 378 c pdf 4.9 Мб

A useful book for preparation for GRE Physics. The book contains the main formulas as well as derivations of some in the following fields: thermal physics, waves & optics, electricity, mechanics, properties of matter.

The optics problem solver Fogiel Dr.M. (ed.) 1981 г 817 c djvu 8 Мб

Students have generally found optics a difficult subject to understand and learn.
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The thermodynamics problem solver Fogiel Dr.M. (ed.) 1998 г 979 c djvu 9 Мб

Students have generally found thermodynamics a difficult subject to understand and learn.
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Fluctuations and Stochastic Phenomena in Condensed Matter Garrido L. 1987 г 413 c djvu 2.5 Мб

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to all those who collaborated in the organization of this Conference.
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Theory and problems of Modern Physics Gautreau R., Savin W. 1999 г 338 c djvu 4.9 Мб

Master modern physics with Schaum’s — the high-performance study guide.
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Molecular mechanism for cavitation in water under tension Georg Menzl, Miguel A. Gonzalez, Philipp Geiger, Frédéric Caupin, José L. F. Abascal, Chantal Valeriani, and Christoph Dellago 2016 г Термодинамика и молекулярная физика pdf 923 Кб
Physics Demystified Gibilisco S. 2002 г 599 c pdf 4.5 Мб

Now anyone with an interest in the physical sciences can master physics — without formal training or drowning in a sea of complicated formulas and equations.
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Interacting Electrons in Nanostructures Haug R., Schoeller H. (eds.) 2001 г 214 c djvu 1.2 Мб

We review the peculiarities of transport through a quantum dot caused by the spin transition in its ground state.
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Applied solid mechanics Howell P., Kozyreff G., Ockendon J. 2008 г 452 c pdf 8 Мб
Physics 2000. Parts I, II Huggins E.R. 2000 г 1123 c djvu 17 Мб

ABOUT THE COURSE Physics2000 is a college level introductory physics course that begins with special relativity, ends with quantum mechanics, and in-between covers the usual topics with a 20th century focus.
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Physics 2000 Huggins E.R. 2000 г 1123 c djvu 17 Мб

Physics2000 is a calculus based, college level introductory physics course that is designed to include twentieth century physics throughout.
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Problems in general physics Irodov I.E. 1988 г 386 c djvu 3.1 Мб

This book of problems is intended as a textbook for students at higher educational institutions studying advanced course in physics.
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Lecture Notes in Physics (174). A gauge theory of dislocations and disclinations Kadic A., Edelen D.G.B. 1983 г 295 c djvu 961 Кб
Dynamics of Thin Walled Elastic Bodies Kaplunov J.D., Kossovitch L.Yu., Nolde E.V. 1998 г 232 c djvu 1.2 Мб

This book is an exposition of the dynamic theory of thin walled linearly elastic bodies, treated as an asymptotic branch of 3D elasticity free of ad hoc assumptions.
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Recent Developments in High Temperature Superconductivity Klamut J., Veal B.W., Dabrowski B.M., Klamut P.W., Kazimierski M. (eds.) 1996 г 361 c djvu 3 Мб

This volume containsthe proceedings of the First Polish-US Conference on High Temperature Superconductivity which was held September 11-15, 1995 in Wroctaw and Duszniki Zdroj (Sudety mountains), in the southwest of Poland.

Calculus of variations in mathematical physics Lauwerier H.A. 1966 г 106 c djvu 583 Кб

This tract represents worked-out lecture notes of a course in the calculus of variations delivered by the author to students in mathematical physics at the University of Amsterdam.
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Anisotropic plates Lekhnitskii S.G. 1968 г 546 c djvu 7 Мб

In the preparation of this second edition, the author has attempted to present as far as possible all new results known to him in the field of anisotropic plates which were of practical and theoretical interest.
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Bernoulli Potential in Superconductors LipavskI P., Kolacek J., Morawetz K., Brandt E.H., Yang T.-J. 2008 г 268 c djvu 1.4 Мб

There are many monographs and textbooks addressing superconductivity from different angles.
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Advances in Mechanics and Mathematics. Volume 15. An introduction to the mathematical theory of dynamic materials Lurie K. 2007 г 191 c pdf 1.7 Мб

This book has emerged from the study of a new concept in material science that has been realized about a decade ago.
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Interpreting Physics: Language and the Classical-Quantum Divide MacKinnon E. 2011 г 281 c pdf 4.5 Мб

This book is the first to offer a systematic account of the role of language in the development and interpretation of physics.
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Morphology of Condensed Matter Mecke K.R., Stoyan D. (eds.) 2002 г 428 c djvu 3.8 Мб

The prediction of elastic properties and of fracture strength of materials from their microstructureis an old but still active problem, implying many theoretical questions and important practical consequences.
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Jamming, Yielding, and Irreversible Deformation in Condensed Matter Miguel M.C., Rubi M. (eds.) 2006 г 209 c djvu 1.3 Мб

This volume gathers a number of selected contributions from the XIX Sitges Conference on “Jamming, Yielding, and Irreversible Deformation in Condensed Matter”, held at Sitges (Barcelona, Spain) from 14–18 June, 2004.

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