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Экстренное психологическое консультирование по телефону 81 c doc 1 021 Кб
Мёртвая вода. Часть 2: Вписание 1998 г 85 c doc 4.5 Мб
Личность. Статьи 213 c doc 1.3 Мб
Государственный образовательный стандарт высшего проффессионального образования. Направление 521000 «Психология» 2000 г 154 c doc 1.7 Мб
Откровенные рассказы странника духовному своему отцу 2006 г 156 c doc 987 Кб

Эта книга была написана во второй половине XIX века, когда в русском обществе вновь проснулся интерес к внутреннему духовному совершенствованию, к внутренней молитве, т.н. «умному деланию».
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Инструменты мирового господства 43 c doc 212 Кб
Логические проблемы знания 38 c doc 226 Кб
Классификация психических расстройств МКБ-10 96 c doc 697 Кб
Государственный образовательный стандарт высшего проффессионального образования. Специальность 020400 «Психология» 2000 г 36 c doc 187 Кб
Innovation and Imagination at Work 2004 г 256 c chm 1.4 Мб

For those companies seeking to use innovation as a business driver, this book presents the thoughts of leading management thinkers and practitioners on how to create innovative organizations.

Классификация психических расстройств МКБ-10 173 c doc 1.3 Мб

В различных целях разработаны несколько разных версий Класса V (Психические и поведенческие расстройства) МКБ-10. Данная версия, Клинические описания и диагностические указания, предназначена для использования в клинических, образовательных и служебных целях.
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Стандарты педагогической психологии 120 c doc 644 Кб
Cell Cycle and Development 2001 г 259 c rar 3.2 Мб

These thirteen articles, and the full discussion that follows each, derive from papers given by specialists from the US, Australia, Singapore, and Western Europe at an April 2000 symposium in London.
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Psychiatry 2001 г 207 c djvu 4.4 Мб
Проведение ассистов 142 c doc 898 Кб
Статьи о психологии. Сборник 44 c doc 405 Кб
Контролируйте свои сны 241 c doc 1.9 Мб
Создание транса,нейро-лингвинистическое програмирование гипнотических состояний 51 c doc 101 Кб
501 Challenging Logic And Reasoning Problems 2005 г 161 c pdf 2.7 Мб

Nearly everyone must at some time face a standardized test. This guide eases the process by helping readers improve reasoning, critical thinking, judgment, and decision-making skills, and prepare for exams.
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Совершенствование образной памяти 32 c doc 260 Кб

Эффект достигается за счет уменьшения «мозговых шумов», т.е. беспорядочно роящихся мыслей, которые и создают этот шум.
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Cognitive Neuroscience Of Human Social Behaviour Adolphs R. 2003 г 14 c pdf 1.1 Мб

We are an intensely social species — it has been argued that our social nature defines what makes us human, what makes us conscious or what gave us our large brains.
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Encyclopedia of the Neurological Sciences Aminoff M.J. (ed.), Daroff R.B. (ed.) 2003 г 4334 c pdf 98 Мб

The The Encyclopedia of the Neurological Sciences explores all areas of the discipline in its 1000+ focused entries on a wide variety of topics in neurology, neurosurgery, psychiatry and other related areas of neuroscience.
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11 Steps To Solving Any Problem Anastasi M. 2004 г 11 c pdf 70 Кб

The strategies and techniques I'm about to share with you worked really well for me. at a time when I was broke, lonely, homeless, and... very depressed.
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Optimal Filtering Anderson B.D.O., Moore J.B. 1979 г 367 c pdf 16 Мб
Study Guide to The American Psychiatric Press Textbook of Geriatric Psychiatry, Second Edition Baker F.M. 2001 г 196 c pdf 6 Мб

This unique study guide offers readers the invaluable opportunity to evaluate their understanding of the material contained in The American Psychiatric Press Textbook of Geriatric Psychiatry, Second Edition, a comprehensive, clinically focused textbook that provides the critical knowledge clinicians need to deliver the highest quality of care to their patients.

Great Communication Secrets of Great Leaders Baldoni J. 2003 г 219 c chm 1.6 Мб

Great leadership begins with great communication. Who better to learn about great leadership from than the great leaders?
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the Role of Emotion in Problem Solving Belavkin R.V. 9 c pdf 738 Кб

Performance and data from some cognitive models suggested that emotions, experienced during problem solving, should be taken into account.
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2500 Keywords to Get You Hired Block J.A., Betrus M. 2003 г 177 c pdf 1.4 Мб

Now that 70 percent of job searches are conducted online, and resumes are processed by computers programmed to scan for keywords, knowing the right keywords­­or buzzwords associated with a profession, industry, or job function­­and how to use them effectively has never been a more critical job-search skill.
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Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done Bossidy L., Charan R., Burck C. 2002 г 288 c pdf 1 016 Кб

Bossidy, an award-winning executive at General Electric and Allied Signal, came out of retirement to tend to Honeywell (and bring it back to prominence) after it failed to merge with General Electric.
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Thinking Ащкер: A language and philosophy for solving problems Brodie L. 2004 г 316 c pdf 4.3 Мб

Thinking Forth is a book about the philosophy of problem solving and programming style, applied to the unique programming language Forth.
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The Social Brain: Evolution and Pathology Brune M. (ed.), Ribbert H. (ed.), Schiefenhovel W. (ed.) 2003 г 456 c pdf 3.2 Мб

Provides an inter-disciplinary exploration of the development of social cognition in humans and looks at the psychiatric implications when these processes go awry.
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The Book of the Dead. The Papyrus of Ani Budge E.A.W. 243 c pdf 1 Мб
Complete Idiot’s Guide to Getting Published Bykofsky S., Sander J.B. 2000 г 343 c pdf 7 Мб

A new updated edition...to help writers beat the competition. Written by a New York literary agent and a West Coast acquiring editor, this book offers inside advice, author case studies, and even sample proposals, contracts, press releases, co-author agreements and more.
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Cerebrovascular Disease Chan P.H. (ed.) 2002 г 484 c rar 48 Мб

Prevention, diagnosis, and treatment are the watchwords in stroke research for basic neuroscientists and clinicians alike.
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The Vision Revolution Changizi M. 2009 г 241 c Научно-популярная литература pdf 4.3 Мб

Primates evolved binocular vision (both eyes facing forward) so that they can see in three dimensions, critical as they jumped from branch to branch.
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Encyclopedia of Human Computer Interaction Chaoui C. 2006 г 738 c pdf 15 Мб

Human Computer Interaction (HCI) attracts innovation and creativity because of its multi-disciplinary nature, in computing and IT research and development.
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Mindware: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Cognitive Science Clark A. 2001 г 210 c pdf 29 Мб

Mindware is an introductory text with a difference. In eight short chapters it tells a story and invites the reader to join in some up-to-the-minute conceptual discussion of the key issues, problems, and opportunities in cognitive science.
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Enemy at the Water Cooler: Real-Life Stories of Insider Threats and Enterprise Security Management Countermeasures Contos B., Kleiman D. 2006 г 302 c pdf 6 Мб

Today’s headlines are littered with news of identity thieves, organized cyber criminals, corporate espionage, nation-state threats and even terrorists.
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175 Ways to Get More Done in Less Time! Cottrell D., Layton M.C. 2004 г 36 c chm 415 Кб

Want to get things done faster so you can accomplish more of your long-term goals?
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Process Systems Analysis and Control Coughanowr D.R. 1991 г 640 c pdf 11 Мб

A thorough revision of the best-selling text on Process Dynamics and Control, the new edition features inclusion of the use of the digital computer in problem solving.
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How To Think Like Benjamin Graham and Invest Like Warren Buffett Cunningham L.A. 2001 г 267 c djvu 904 Кб

How to Think Like Benjamin Graham and Invest Like Warren Buffett wraps a lifetime of investing wisdom into one highly accessible package.
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How to Win the Stock Market Game Daragan V. 57 c pdf 357 Кб

This publication is for short-term traders, i.e. for traders who hold stocks for one to eight days.
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Wavelets DeVore R., Lucier B. 50 c gz 486 Кб
How to Shine at Work Dominguez L.R. 2003 г 240 c chm 1.7 Мб

A practical, straight-talking guide to thriving in today’s tumultuous workplace According to author Linda Dominguez, today’s turbulent work environment is rife with advancement opportunities for those who know how to seize them.
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The Great Brain Debate: Nature Or Nuture? Dowling J.E. 2004 г 189 c pdf 2.3 Мб

How much of our behavior is determined by our genes and how much by our environment?
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Understanding Optical Communications Dutton H.J.R. 1998 г 613 c pdf 5 Мб
Attack and Defence Dvoretsky M., Yusupov A. 1999 г 290 c pdf 14 Мб

Attack and Defence: The Fifth and Final Session from the World-Famous Chess School

Modeling with Pattern Recognition Decision Rules Earle T.C. 12 c pdf 457 Кб
Behavioral Sciences Ebert M.H. 2001 г 300 c pdf 1.3 Мб
Somatoform and Factitious Disorders Ed. Phillips K.A. 2001 г 216 c pdf 1.2 Мб

Beset by contradictions, somatoform and factitious disorders have an unusually long, rich, and colorful historical and clinical tradition.
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