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The theories of chemistry Boeyens J.C. 2003 г 561 c djvu 3 Мб
Rules of Thumb for Chemical Engineers Branan C. 2002 г 526 c pdf 20 Мб

The most complete guide of its kind, this is the standard handbook for chemical and process engineers.
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Handbook of preparative inorganic chemistry, vol.1 Brauer G. 1963 г 1906 c djvu 12 Мб
Handbuch der Praeparativen Anorganischen Chemie. Band 1-3 Brauer G. 2149 c djvu 19 Мб
Handbook of Preparative Inorganic Chemistry. Volume 2 Brauer G. 1965 г 877 c pdf 18 Мб
Handbook of Preparative Inorganic Chemistry. Volume 1 Brauer G. 1963 г 1906 c pdf 10 Мб
The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments Brent R. 1960 г 114 c pdf 28 Мб
Introduction to multivariate calibration in analytical chemistry Brereton R.G. 2000 г 30 c pdf 722 Кб
Electrochemistry: Principles, Methods, And Applications Brett C.M.A., Brett A.M.O. 1993 г 464 c pdf 7 Мб

This comprehensive book describes modern electrochemistry, from fundamental principles to the methods that can be used to study electrode and electrochemical processes, and finally, at the wide-ranging applications in sensors, industry, corrosion, and bioelectrochemistry.
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The chemistry of heterocyclic compounds. Quinoxalines. Supplement II Brown D.J. (ed.) 2004 г 520 c pdf 2.6 Мб

The chemistry of heterocyclic compounds is one of the most complex and intriguing branches of organic chemistry, of equal interest for its theoretical implications, for the diversity of its synthetic procedures, and for the physiological and industrial significance of heterocycles.
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Rotational spectroscopy of diatomic molecules Brown J.M., Carrington A. 2003 г 1045 c pdf 10 Мб
Carbon Materials for Advanced Technologies Burchell T.D. (ed.) 1999 г 566 c pdf 9 Мб
Solid-Phase Organic Synthesis Burgess K. 2000 г 296 c pdf 26 Мб

olid-Phase Organic Synthesis Edited by Kevin Burgess, Texas A & M University Efficient, high-throughput chemistry is now the focus of many research laboratories.
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Particle Size Enlargement Capes C.A. 1980 г 205 c pdf 4.7 Мб

This monograph on size enlargement of particles is the first of a series which will together form a Handbook of Powder Technology, primarily intended for engineers and scientists working in industry.
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Advanced Organic Chemistry. Part B. Reactions and Synthesis Carey F., Sundberg R. 2000 г 980 c djvu 11 Мб
Advanced Organic Chemistry. Part A. Structure and Mechanisms Carey F., Sundberg R. 2000 г 836 c djvu 12 Мб
Organic chemistry Carey F.A. 2004 г 1335 c djvu 21 Мб
Quantum Medicinal Chemistry Carloni P., Alber F., Mannhold R. (eds.) 2003 г 294 c pdf 2.8 Мб

Computational methods are transforming the work of chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories.
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Hazardous Chemicals Handbook Carson, Mumford. 1994 г 385 c djvu 2.7 Мб
Modern inorganic chemistry Chambers, Holliday. 1975 г 459 c djvu 4.6 Мб
Lippincott’s Illustrated Reviews: Biochemistry Champe P.C., Harvey R.A. 1994 г 508 c djvu 11 Мб

This popular study guide and review provide a quick survey of the field of biochemistry, covering the essentials that students need to know.
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Surfaces, Chemistry and Applications: Adhesion Science and Engineering. Volume 2 Chaudhury M. (ed.), Pocius A.V. (ed.) 2002 г 1210 c pdf 29 Мб

In recent years, there has been an explosion of interest in the science of adhesion.
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Survey of Industrial Chemistry Chenier Ph.J. 2002 г 538 c pdf 7 Мб

This book arose from the need for a basic text dealing with industrial chemistry for use in a one-semester, three-credit senior level course taught at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.
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Handbook of Hazardous Chemical Properties Cheremisinoff N.P. 2000 г 433 c pdf 37 Мб

This volume provides extensive health (toxicological) and safety handling information and data on over 1,000 chemicals of commercial and industrial importance.
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Handbook of Chemical Processing Equipment Cheremisinoff N.P. 2000 г 535 c pdf 13 Мб

The Handbook of Chemical Process Equipment is a major reference on process equipment.
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Techniques and Mechanisms in Electrochemistry Christensen P.A., Hamnett A. 1994 г 396 c pdf 4.9 Мб

This book reveals electrochemistry as an integral part of modern physical chemistry, in particular as a branch of surface chemistry.
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Organic chemistry Clayden J. 2000 г 1392 c pdf 31 Мб
Phencyclidine: An update Clouet D.H. (ed.) 1986 г 267 c pdf 2.1 Мб

In the first section of the Review, the basic neurobiology of PCP was emphasized.
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Semimicro and Macro Organic Chemistry: A Laboratory Manual Cneronis N.D. 1942 г 402 c pdf 3.9 Мб
Practical organic chemistry Cohen J.B. 1910 г 368 c djvu 6 Мб
The Analysis of Controlled Substances: A Systematic Approach Cole M. 2003 г 203 c pdf 1.4 Мб
Chemical kinetics: the study of reaction rates in solution Connors K.A. 1990 г 496 c djvu 5 Мб
Chemical Kinetics: The Study of Reaction Rates in Solution Connors K.A. 1990 г 480 c djv 5 Мб

Chemical Kinetics The Study of Reaction Rates in Solution Kenneth A. Connors This chemical kinetics book blends physical theory, phenomenology and empiricism to provide a guide to the experimental practice and interpretation of reaction kinetics in solution.
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Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry №34 Conway B.E. (ed.), White R.E. (ed.), Bockris J. (ed.) 2002 г 296 c pdf 1.5 Мб
Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry №32 Conway B.E. (ed.), White R.E. (ed.), Bockris J. (ed.) 2002 г 437 c pdf 3.3 Мб
Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry №16 Conway B.E. (ed.), White R.E. (ed.), Bockris J. (ed.) 1985 г 521 c pdf 8 Мб
Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry №31 Conway B.E. (ed.), White R.E. (ed.), Bockris J. (ed.) 2002 г 365 c pdf 6 Мб
Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry №33 Conway B.E. (ed.), White R.E. (ed.), Bockris J. (ed.) 2002 г 661 c djvu 15 Мб
Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry №18 Conway B.E. (ed.), White R.E. (ed.), Bockris J. (ed.) 1986 г 374 c pdf 6 Мб
Evaluation of Enzyme Inhibitors in Drug Discovery: A Guide for Medicinal Chemists and Pharmacologists Copeland R. 2005 г 294 c pdf 2.7 Мб

The text begins with a chapter that describes the advantages of enzymes as targets for drug discovery and some of the unique opportunities for drug interactions that arise from the catalytic mechanisms of enzymes.
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Chemical applications of group theory Cotton F.A. 1990 г 475 c djvu 7 Мб
Chemical Applications of Group Theory Cotton F.A. 1990 г 460 c djvu 10 Мб

Retains the easy-to-read format and informal flavor of the previous editions, and includes new material on the symmetric properties of extended arrays (crystals), projection operators, LCAO molecular orbitals, and electron counting rules. Also contains many new exercises and illustrations.

Chemistry of Precious Metals Cotton S.A. 2006 г 402 c pdf 14 Мб

This book is a single volume treatment of the descriptive inorganic and coordination chemistry of silver, gold and the six platinum metals — together with the organometallic chemistry of -bonded compounds in normal oxidation states.
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Elements Of Organic PhotoChemistry Cowan D., Drisko R. 1976 г 300 c pdf 19 Мб
Introduction To Organic Photochemistry Coyle J.D. 1998 г 184 c pdf 25 Мб

Introduction to Organic Photochemistry John D. Coyle, The Open University, Milton Keynes The purpose of this book is to provide an introductory account of the major types of organic photochemical reactions, to enable those with a prior knowledge of basic organic chemistry to appreciate the differences between processes which occur photochemically (through an electronically excited state) and those that occur thermally (directly from the electronic ground state).
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The Organometallic Chemistry of the Transition Metals Crabtree R.H. 2005 г 560 c pdf 132 Мб

Fully updated and expanded to reflect recent advances, this Fourth Edition of the classic text provides students and professional chemists with an excellent introduction to the principles and general properties of organometallic compounds, as well as including practical information on reaction mechanisms and detailed descriptions of contemporary applications.

Essentials of Computational Chemistry: Theories and Models Cramer C.J. 2002 г 232 c pdf 15 Мб

Essentials of Computational Chemistry provides a balanced introduction to this dynamic subject.
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Essentials of Computational Chemistry: Theories and Models Cramer C.J. 2004 г 596 c pdf 7 Мб

Essentials of Computational Chemistry provides a balanced introduction to this dynamic subject.
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Battery reference book Crompton T.R. 2000 г 774 c pdf 27 Мб
Computational Organometallic Chemistry Cundari Th.R. 2001 г 428 c pdf 4.6 Мб

For graduate and upper-class undergraduate students, chemists from the US, Europe, and Japan discuss the challenges in reliable modeling in organometallic chemistry and strategies for addressing those challenges.
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