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Biochemistry of Signal Transduction and Regulation Krauss G. 2003 г 558 c pdf 8 Мб

This all-new edition of a classic text has been thoroughly revised to keep pace with the rapid progress in signal transduction research.
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The Biochemistry of Inorganic Polyphosphates Kulaev I.S., Vagabov V., Kulakovskaya T. 2004 г 294 c pdf 3.9 Мб

Now in a second edition, Biochemistry of Inorganic Polyphosphates fills the need for an exhaustive resource on inorganic polyphosphate metabolism.
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Comprehensive Organic Transformations. A guide to functional group preparations Larock R.C. 1999 г 2583 c djvu 23 Мб

The first edition of this book, Comprehensive Organic Transformations — A Guide to Functional Group Transformations, which appeared in 1989, delivered in abundance the information promised by the title.
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Introduction in Cheminformatics Leach A.R., Gillet V.J. 2007 г 255 c Вычислительная химия pdf 6 Мб

This book aims to provide an introduction to the major techniques of chemoinformatics.
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The Organic Chemistry of Drug Synthesis. Volume 3 Lednicer D., Mitscher L.A. 1985 г 304 c pdf 2.1 Мб
The Organic Chemistry of Drug Synthesis. Volume 4 Lednicer D., Mitscher L.A. 1990 г 272 c pdf 2.1 Мб
The Organic Chemistry of Drug Synthesis. Volume 1 Lednicer D., Mitscher L.A. 1977 г 496 c pdf 3.8 Мб
The Organic Chemistry of Drug Synthesis. Volume 2 Lednicer D., Mitscher L.A. 1980 г 544 c pdf 3.7 Мб
Handbook of Residue Analytical Methods for Agrochemicals Lee P.W. (ed.), Aizawa H. (ed.) 2003 г 1200 c pdf 10 Мб

This two-volume handbook uniquely brings together information on the key methodologies used in the analysis of agrochemical residues and current best practices, while also giving numerous examples of how these methodologies are applied in practice to a wide range of both individual compounds, and classes of agrochemical compounds.
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Encyclopedia of chemical processing. 5 volumes Lee S. (ed.) 2005 г 3338 c pdf 40 Мб
Electrochemistry of Silicon: Instrumentation, Science, Materials and Applications Lehmann V. 2002 г 286 c pdf 4.3 Мб

Silicon has been and will most probably continue to be the dominant material in semiconductor technology.
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Chemical reaction engineering Levenspiel O. 1999 г 684 c pdf 14 Мб

This is a teaching book; thus, simple ideas are treated first, and are then extended to the more complex.
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Chemical Reaction Engineering Levenspiel O. 1998 г 684 c pdf 14 Мб

Chemical reaction engineering is concerned with the exploitation of chemical reactions on a commercial scale.
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Computational Chemistry: Introduction to the Theory and Applications of Molecular and Quantum Mechanics Lewars E. 2004 г 471 c djvu 6 Мб

Computational chemistry has become extremely important in the last decade, being widely used in academic and industrial research.
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Name reactionsin heterocyclic chemistry Li J.J., Corey E.J. 2005 г 569 c pdf 9 Мб

Part of the charm of synthetic organic chemistry derives from the vastness of the intellectual landscape along several dimensions.
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CRC Handbook of chemistry and physics Lide D.R. (ed.) 2005 г 2660 c pdf 48 Мб

Researchers around the world depend upon having access to authoritative, up-to-date data.
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Propagators in quantum chemistry Linderberg J., Oehrn Y. 2004 г 262 c djvu 1.9 Мб
Propagators in Quantum Chemistry Linderberg J., Öhrn Y. 2004 г 267 c pdf 8 Мб

The only authoritative reference source on the propagator concept, now thoroughly revised and updated Much has changed in the study of quantum and theoretical chemistry since the publication of the first edition of Propagators in Quantum Chemistry.
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Reviews in Computational Chemistry. Volume 22 Lipkowitz K.B., Cundari T.R., Gillet V.J. (eds.) 2006 г 392 c pdf 7 Мб

This volume, like those prior to it, features chapters by experts in various fields of computational chemistry.
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Reviews in Computational Chemistry. Volume 20 Lipkowitz K.B., Larter R., Cundari T.R. (eds.) 2004 г 488 c pdf 4.1 Мб

Computational chemistry is increasingly used in most areas of molecular science, including organic, inorganic, medicinal, biological, physical, and analytical chemistry; biotechnology; materials science; and physics.
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Quantum Chemistry Lowe J.P., Peterson K.A. 2006 г 726 c pdf 9 Мб
Powder Surface Area and Porosity Lowell S., Shields J.E. 1984 г 247 c pdf 4.4 Мб

The rapid growth of interest in powders and their surface properties in many diverse industries prompted the writing of this book for those who have the need to make meaningful measurements without the benefit of years of experience.
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Mechanism And Theory In Organic Chemistry Lowry T.H., Richardson K.S. 1987 г 1090 c pdf 37 Мб
Organic Electrochemistry Lund H., Hammerich O. 2001 г 1393 c djvu 13 Мб

Outstanding praise for previous editions. . . . . .the single best general reference for the organic chemist. — Journal of the Electrochemical Society The cast of editors and authors is excellent, the text is, in general, easily readable and understandable, well documented, and well indexed....those who purchase the book will be satisfied with their acquisition. — Journal of Polymer Science . . .an excellent starting point for anyone wishing to explore the application of electrochemical technique to organic chemistry and...a comprehensive up-to-date review for researchers in the field. — Journal of the American Chemical Society Praise for the third edition For nearly twenty years now, ‘Baizer and Lund’ has had the status of a proven and highly regarded standard work....This revised and enlarged third edition takes account of the rapid developments occurring in the field... . . .clear and comprehensible.
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Process modeling, simulation, and control for chemical engineers Luyben W.L. 1996 г 741 c pdf 9 Мб

The first edition of this book appeared over fifteen years ago.
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Toxicological Chemistry and Biochemistry Manahan S.E. 2002 г 425 c pdf 6 Мб

Bridging the gap between toxicology and chemistry, this book covers both at a level understandable by a wide spectrum of readers.
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Practical organic chemistry Mann, Saunders. 1960 г 597 c djvu 8 Мб
Titanium and Zirconium in Organic Synthesis Marek I., Snieckus V. (eds.) 2002 г 537 c pdf 5 Мб

During the last years, the role of titanium and zirconium in organic synthesis has dramatically increased and nowadays, no synthetic chemist can afford to be without a sound knowledge of this fascinating organometal chemistry.
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Inorganic Polymers Mark J., Allcock H., West R. 2005 г 353 c pdf 2.7 Мб
New trends in quantum systems in chemistry and physics. Volume 2 Maruani J., et al. (eds.) 2002 г 324 c pdf 10 Мб

These two volumes collect thirty-eight selected papers from the scientific contributions presented at the Fourth European Workshop on Quantum Systems in Chemistry and Physics (QSCP-IV), held in Marly-le-Roi (France) in April 22-27, 1999.
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Chemistry of Petrochemical Processes Matar S., Hatch L.F. 2000 г 392 c pdf 5 Мб

In Chemistry of Petrochemical Processes, readers find a handy and valuable source of information containing insights into petrochemical reactions and products, process technology, and polymer synthesis.
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Raman Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis McCreery R.L. 2000 г 448 c pdf 22 Мб

Owing to its unique combination of high information content and ease of use, Raman spectroscopy, which uses different vibrational energy levels to excite molecules (as opposed to light spectra), has attracted much attention over the past fifteen years.
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Electrochemistry of Semiconductors and Electronics: Processes and Devices McHardy J., Ludwig J. (ed.) 1992 г 359 c pdf 16 Мб

This is an in-depth review, by eight respected researchers of the electrochemistry of semiconductors and electronics.
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Chemistry. 4th Edition McMurry F. 1069 c djvu 21 Мб
Statistical Methods In Analytical Chemistry Meier P.C., Zund R.E. 2000 г 456 c pdf 24 Мб

This new edition of a successful, bestselling book continues to provide you with practical information on the use of statistical methods for solving real-world problems in complex industrial environments.
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Schaum’s Outline of Theory and Problems of Organic Chemistry Meislich H. (ed.), Hademenos G. 1999 г 469 c pdf 9 Мб

The new edition of this study guide makes learning organic chemistry much easier than with the usual textbook, and it shows how organic chemistry is applied today in biological chemistry, medicine and industry.
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Schaum’s Outline of Organic Chemistry Meislich H., Nechamkin H., Sharefkin J., Hademenos G. 1999 г 478 c djvu 6 Мб
A Comprehensive Treatise Inorganic and Theoretical Chemistry. Volume 8 Mellor J.W. 1931 г 1110 c djvu 24 Мб

There are, I believe, few maxims in philosophy that have laid firmer hold upon the mind than that air, meaning atmospherical air (free from various foreign matters, which were always supposed to be dissolved, and intermixed with it), is a simple elementary substance, indestructible and unalterable, at least as much so as water is supposed to be.--J. PRIESTLEY.
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A Comprehensive Treatise Inorganic and Theoretical Chemistry. Volume 2 Mellor J.W. 1927 г 894 c pdf 75 Мб
Biochemistry: The Chemical Reactions of Living Cells Metzler E.D. 2001 г 1974 c pdf 60 Мб

The most comprehensive textbook/reference ever to cover the chemical basis of life, the “Green Bible of Biochemistry” has been a well-respected contribution to the field for more than twenty years.
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Inorganic Chemistry Miessler G., Tarr D.A. 1991 г 480 c djvu 13 Мб

A brief, reader-friendly survey of inorganic chemistry. Uses a molecular-orbital approach to explain structure and reactivity.
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Bioanalytical Chemistry Mikkelsen S.R., Cortón E. 2004 г 384 c pdf 3.8 Мб

Bioanalytical Chemistry provides a thorough introduction for students and practitioners with a broad range of backgrounds from chemistry to medicine.
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Magnetism: molecules to materials IV. Nanosized magnetic materials Miller J.S., Drillon M. (eds.) 2003 г 491 c pdf 10 Мб
Surface characterization methods - principles, techniques and applications Milling A. (ed.) 1999 г 429 c djvu 4.7 Мб
Introduction to chemical reaction engineering and kinetics Missen R.W., Mims Ch.A., Saville B.A. 1999 г 692 c pdf 9 Мб

Introduction to Chemical Reaction Engineering and Kinetics is written primarily for a first course in chemical reaction engineering (CRE) for undergraduate students in chemical engineering.
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NMR - from spectra to structures: an experimental approach Mitchell T.N., Costisella B. 2007 г 220 c pdf 4.6 Мб
Encyclopedia of Chemical Physics and Physical Chemistry Moore J.H., Spencer N.D. 2002 г 5875 c chm 38 Мб

A major reference work that any chemist and physicist can turn to for an introduction to an unfamiliar area, an explanation of important experimental and computational techniques, and a description of modern endeavors. Slipcase edition.

Electroceramics: Materials, Properties, Applications Moulson A., Herbert J. 2003 г 576 c pdf 4.9 Мб
Fundamentals of Quantum Chemistry Molecular Spectroscopy and Modern Electronic Structure Computations Mueller M. 2001 г 256 c pdf 6 Мб

This text is designed as a practical introduction to quantum chemistry.
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Fundamentals of Quantum Chemistry: Molecular Spectroscopy and Modern Electronic Structure Computations Mueller M.R. 2001 г 280 c pdf 6 Мб

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