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Academician Lev Landau: Brief biography and review of scientific articles Abrikosov A.A. 2015 г 49 c Научно-популярная литература pdf 3.7 Мб

The outstanding Soviet scientist Lev Davidovich Landau is well known to physicists around the world for making a significant contribution to the development of modern theoretical physics.
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Quantum Field Theoretical Methods in Statistical Physics Abrikosov A.A. 1965 г 379 c Статистическая физика и термодинамика djvu 4.6 Мб

The present monograph by three prominent Russian Theoreticians from Landau's Institute is by now well known to Western readers, and the question may be asked why a second English version is being brought out.

Methods of quantum fields theory in statistical physics Abrikosov A.A., Gorkov L.P., Dzyalosliinski I.E. 1965 г 365 c Квантовые методы djvu 3.6 Мб

"A classic text on field theoretic methods in statistical physics"—American Scientist.
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Quantum Field Theoretical Methods in Statistical Physics. 2nd Edition Abrikosov A.A., Gor’kov L.P., Dzyaloshinskii I.Ye. 1965 г 365 c Квантовая теория поля djvu 3.6 Мб

This second, revised and enlarged edition is based on the translation of the original Russian volume entitled Методы квантовой теории поля в статистической физике (Metody kvantovoi teoriyi polya v statisticheskoi fizike), published in 1962 by Fizmatgiz, Moscow, and on additional material supplied in 1964 by the authors.

Physical Review. Volume 111, pages 0321-0328. Possibility of Formulation of a Theory of Strongly Interacting Fermions Abrikosov A.A., Galanin A.D., Gorkov L.P., Landau L.D., Pomeranchuk I.Ya., Ter-Martirosyan K.A. 1958 г 8 c Physical Review pdf 1.2 Мб
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