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Quantenphysik und statistische Physik Alonso M., Finn E.J. 2005 г 659 c Физика djvu 8 Мб
The Art of Problem Solving in Organic Chemistry Alonso M.E. 1987 г 336 c Химия pdf 28 Мб

For students of advanced organic chemistry, this text develops problem-solving skills using fifty-six challenging, organic chemistry problems covering a wide variety of chemical systems.
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Quantum Chromodynamics Alonso J.L., Tarrach R. 1980 г 424 c Квантовая хромодинамика djvu 2.4 Мб

This volume contains the Lectures delivered at the X G.I.F.T. * International Seminar on Theoretical Physics on the subject "Quantum Chromodynamics" which was held at Jaca, Huesca, (Spain) in June 1979.

Annals of Physics. Volume 308, pages 664-691. Supersymmetry versus integrability in two-dimensional classical mechanics Alonso-Izquierdo A., León M.A.G., Guilarte J.M., Mayado M de la Torre 2003 г 28 c Annals of Physics pdf 314 Кб
Annals of Physics. Volume 160, pages 1-53. Relativistic quantum kinetic analysis of a pion-nucleon system Alonso Jo.D. 1985 г 53 c Annals of Physics pdf 1.6 Мб
Physical Review. Volume 137, pages A0975-A0978. Measurement of Total Attenuation Cross Sections in Aluminum and Gold for 14.4-keV Gamma Rays Alonso J., Grodzins L. 1965 г 4 c Physical Review pdf 738 Кб
Liposomes, Part B Goni F.M., Villar A.V., Nieva J.L., Alonso A. 2003 г 479 c Генетика pdf 4.5 Мб

The origins of liposome research can be traced to the contributions by Alec Bangham and colleagues in the mid 1960s.
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Journal of Fluid Mechanics. Volume 560, pages 149-158. Spatially localized binary-fluid convection Batiste O., Knobloch E., Alonso A., Mercader I. 2006 г 10 c Journal of Fluid Mechanics pdf 765 Кб
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