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Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry. A Course of Laboratory And Classroom Study For First Year College Students Blanchard A.A. 1936 г 394 c Химия pdf 2.1 Мб
Collected works Blanchard A. Художественная литература на английском rar 10 Кб
Phase-Locked Loops: Application to Coherent Receiver Design Blanchard A. 1976 г 389 c Синтез частот pdf 10 Мб

A handbook and reference aid for the design, construction, and maintenance of telecommunications equipment incorporating phase-locked loops (PLL).
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Decoherence: theoretical, experimental and conceptual problems Blanchard Ph., Giulini D., Joos E. 1998 г 345 c Квантовая механика djvu 3.7 Мб

Decoherence is a quantum-mechanical process that dynamically describes the apparent loss of quantum coherence due to coupling of the system under observation to other degrees of freedom, which escape direct observation.
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Quantum Future From Volta and Como to the Present and Beyond Blanchard Ph., Jadczyk A. (eds.) 1999 г 244 c Квантовая механика djvu 1.8 Мб

The Xth Max Born Symposium "Quantum Future", organized by the Universities of Wroclaw and Bielefeld, took place September 24-27, 1997 in Przesieka, Poland.
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New Methods and Results in Non-linear Field Equations Blanchard Ph., Dias J.-P., Stubbe J. (eds.) 1989 г 133 c Нелинейная физика. Хаос djvu 641 Кб

In recent years the interaction between physics and mathematics has increased mainly in the domain of non-linear field equations considered from both the deterministic and from the stochastic points of view.

Mathematical and physical aspects of stochastic mechanics Blanchard Ph., Combe Ph., Zheng W. 1987 г 171 c Нелинейная физика. Хаос djvu 760 Кб

This lecture is meant as an introduction to stochastic mechanics for graduate students.
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Frontiers of cosmology Blanchard A., Signore M. (eds.) 2005 г 333 c Общая теория относительности и космология pdf 11 Мб

The field of cosmology is currently undergoing a revolution driven by dramatic observational progress and by novel theoretical scenarios imported from particle physics.
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Decoherence: Theoretical, experimental and conceptual problems Blanchard et al. (eds.) 2000 г 342 c Квантовая механика djvu 3.7 Мб

The workshop Decoherence: Theoretical, Experimental, and Conceptual Problems took place at the Zentrum fur interdisziplinare Forschung (Centre for interdisciplinary research, ZiF) at Bielefeld University (November 10-14,1998).
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Physical Review. Volume 159, pages 0599-0602. Lattice Dynamics of Diamond Blanchard R., Varshni Y.P. 1967 г 4 c Physical Review pdf 829 Кб
Macroeconomics: A European Perspective Blanchard O., Amighini A., Giavazzi F. 2010 г 586 c Макроэкономика pdf 11 Мб

This is a truly outstanding textbook that beautifully marries theory, empirics and policy.
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Physical Review. Volume 011, pages 0081-0099. The Brightness Sensibility of the Retina Blanchard Ju. 1918 г 19 c Physical Review pdf 1.9 Мб
Physical Review. Volume 078, page 0292. Velocity Dependent Nuclear Interactions Blanchard C.H., Avery R., Sachs R.G. 1950 г 1 c Physical Review pdf 279 Кб
Physical Review. Volume 081, pages 0035-0036. Velocity Dependent Interactions and Nuclear Shells Blanchard C.H., Avery R. 1951 г 2 c Physical Review pdf 389 Кб
Physical Review. Volume 107, pages 0774-0775. Is H5 Particle Stable? Blanchard C.H., Winter R.G. 1957 г 2 c Physical Review pdf 378 Кб
Lectures on Macroeconomics Fischer S., Blanchard O.J. Макроэкономика djvu 6 Мб

A text for graduate students with some background in macroeconomics, statistics, and econometrics.
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Physical Review. Volume 059, pages 1045-1046. Superconducting Films as Radiometric Receivers Andrews D.H., Brucksch W.F., Ziegler W.T., Blanchard E.R. 1941 г 2 c Physical Review pdf 385 Кб
Physical Review. Volume 078, pages 0704-0710. The Low States of Li7 Avery R., Blanchard C.H. 1950 г 7 c Physical Review pdf 1.5 Мб
Physical Review. Volume 093, pages 0114-0116. Multiple Scattering of Relativistic Electrons Spencer L.V., Blanchard C.H. 1954 г 3 c Physical Review pdf 598 Кб
Physical Review. Volume 124, pages 0227-0232. Classical Self-Consistent Nuclear Model Seyler R.G., Blanchard C.H. 1961 г 6 c Physical Review pdf 982 Кб
Physical Review. Volume 131, pages 0355-0365. "Classical" Self-Consistent Nuclear Model. II Seyler R.G., Blanchard C.H. 1963 г 11 c Physical Review pdf 1.8 Мб
Physical Review. Volume 185, pages 0021-0026. Correlation Energies of the 1s23l2L States of the Lithium Sequence Horak Z.J., Lewis M.N., Dalgarno A., Blanchard P. 1969 г 6 c Physical Review pdf 819 Кб

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