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Stability problems in fracture mechanics Bolotin V.V. 1996 г 188 c Теоретическая механика djvu 1.5 Мб

Stability Problems in Fracture Mechanics seek to provide a new and more complete understanding of fractures and related phenomena by discussing these occurrences from the standpoint of stability.
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Physical Review. Volume 099, pages 0062-0067. Excited States of Ce140 Bolotin H.H., Pruett Ch.H., Roggenkamp P.L., Wilkinson R.G. 1955 г 6 c Physical Review pdf 1.1 Мб
Physical Review. Volume 124, pages 0213-0223. Level Structure of Sn118 and Sn120 from the Decay of Sb Isotopes Bolotin H.H., Li A.C., Schwarzschild A. 1961 г 11 c Physical Review pdf 1.9 Мб
Physical Review. Volume 131, pages 0774-0777. Double Isomerism in As73 Bolotin H.H. 1963 г 4 c Physical Review pdf 793 Кб
Physical Review. Volume 136, pages B1557-B1565. Sn116 Levels Populated by the Decay of 54-Min ln116m Bolotin H.H. 1964 г 9 c Physical Review pdf 1.8 Мб
Physical Review. Volume 136, pages B1566-B1579. Level Structure of Sn116 from the Decay of 1-h Sb116; and a Detailed Comparison of Sn116, Sn118, and Sn120 with Pairing-Force Calculations Bolotin H.H. 1964 г 14 c Physical Review pdf 2.7 Мб
Physical Review. Volume 138, pages B0795-B0803. Low-Lying Excited States of Sc46 Populated in the Thermal-Neutron Capture Reaction Sc45(n,γ)Sc46 Bolotin H.H. 1965 г 9 c Physical Review pdf 2 Мб
Physical Review. Volume 157, pages 1131-1136. Low-Lying Excited States of Ag108 and Ag110 Populated in Thermal-Neutron-Capture Reactions Bolotin H.H., Namenson A.I. 1967 г 6 c Physical Review pdf 1.2 Мб
Physical Review. Volume 158, pages 1069-1072. Decay of Cu61 and Energy Levels in Ni61 Bolotin H.H., Fischbeck H.J. 1967 г 4 c Physical Review pdf 856 Кб
Physical Review. Volume 168, pages 1317-1330. Level Structure of Low-Lying Excited States of Sc46 Bolotin H.H. 1968 г 14 c Physical Review pdf 2.8 Мб
Physical Review. Volume 180, pages 0987-0996. Level Structure of Low-Lying Excited States of Ga66 Populated by the Decay of 2.2-h Ge66 Bolotin H.H., Mcclure D.A. 1969 г 10 c Physical Review pdf 1.9 Мб
GT-1A inertial gravimeter system. Results of flight tests Berzhitzky V.N., Bolotin Y.V., Golovan A.A. 2002 г 40 c Техника pdf 2.7 Мб

A brief description of the functional scheme, system organization and software operation of the GT-1A inertial gravimeter, developed by ZAO NTP “Gravimetric technologies”, is given.
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Physical Review. Volume 127, pages 1680-1687. Resonance Capture γ Rays from Platinum Chrien R.E., Bolotin H.H., Palevsky H. 1962 г 8 c Physical Review pdf 1.4 Мб
Physical Review. Volume 146, pages 0791-0798. Level Structure in Cr52 Populated in 5.7-Day Mn52 Decay Freedman M.S., Wagner F., Porter F.T., Bolotin H.H. 1966 г 8 c Physical Review pdf 3.4 Мб
Physical Review. Volume 150, pages 0941-0955. Decay of Co55; Levels in Fe55 Fischbeck H.J., Porter F.T., Freedman M.S., Wagner F., Bolotin H.H. 1966 г 15 c Physical Review pdf 3.1 Мб
Physical Review. Volume 158, pages 1206-1213. Thermal-Neutron-Capture Gamma-Ray Studies of the Excited States of Odd-A Hafnium Isotopes Namenson A.I., Bolotin H.H. 1967 г 8 c Physical Review pdf 1.6 Мб
Physical Review. Volume 169, pages 0940-0950. Low-Lying Excited States of 64Cu and 66Cu Populated in Thermal-Neutron Capture Reactions Shera E.B., Bolotin H.H. 1968 г 11 c Physical Review pdf 2 Мб
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