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Theory Of Groups of Finite Order Burnside W. Математика djvu 4.3 Мб
Theory of Groups of Finite Order Burnside W. 388 c Теория групп djvu 4.3 Мб

A classic introduction to group theory for nearly a century, this is the book most often cited in texts on group theory for detailed expositions of basic concepts.
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Theory of Groups of Finite Order Burnside W. 404 c djv 21 Мб

After introducing permutation notation and defining group, the author discusses the simpler properties of group that are independent of their modes of representation; composition-series of groups; isomorphism of a group with itself; Abelian groups; groups whose orders are the powers of primes; Sylow’s theorem; more. 18 illustrations. A classic introduction.

An Introduction to Determinants, Being a Chapter from The Theory of Equations Burnside W.S., Panton A.W. 84 c Линейная алгебра djvu 607 Кб

In the present Introduction to Determinants we have included, in addition to what appears in the authors' Theory of Equations, an Appendix in which the subject is illustrated by examples from Trigonometry and Coordinate Geometry.
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