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Customer Management Excellence Faulkner M. 2003 г 216 c pdf 1.5 Мб

CRM today is much like BPR in the 1990s. It is the strategy of the 21st century.
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Collected works Faulkner W. Художественная литература на английском rar 1.4 Мб
Physical Review. Volume 122, pages 0390-0396. Electron Energy Bands of One-Dimensional Random Alloys Faulkner J.S., Korringa J. 1961 г 7 c Physical Review pdf 1.1 Мб
Physical Review. Volume 128, pages 0202-0205. Constructing the Spin Hamiltonian for an N-Electron System Faulkner J.S. 1962 г 4 c Physical Review pdf 829 Кб
Physical Review. Volume 135, pages A0124-A0130. Electronic States of a Kronig-Penney Crystal with Random Atomic Positions Faulkner J.S. 1964 г 7 c Physical Review pdf 1.3 Мб
Physical Review. Volume 161, pages 0656-0664. Calculation of Constant-Energy Surfaces for Copper by the Korringa-Kohn-Rostoker Method Faulkner J.S., Davis H.L., Joy H.W. 1967 г 9 c Physical Review pdf 1.9 Мб
Physical Review. Volume 175, pages 0991-1009. Toward a Theory of Isoelectronic Impurities in Semiconductors Faulkner R.A. 1968 г 19 c Physical Review pdf 3.9 Мб
Physical Review. Volume 178, pages 0914-0917. Calculation of Constant-Energy Surfaces for Aluminum by the Korringa-Kohn-Rostoker Method Faulkner J.S. 1969 г 4 c Physical Review pdf 1 Мб
Physical Review. Volume 184, pages 0713-0721. Higher Donor Excited States for Prolate-Spheroid Conduction Bands: A Reevaluation of Silicon and Germanium Faulkner R.A. 1969 г 9 c Physical Review pdf 1.4 Мб
Electrochemical Methods: Fundamentals and Applications Bard A.J., Faulkner L.R. 2001 г 856 c Химия pdf 23 Мб

This edition is fully revised to reflect the current state off the field. * Significant additions include ultramicroelectrodes, modified electrodes, and scanning probe methods. * Many chapters have been modified and improved, including electrode kinetics, voltammetric methods, and mechanisms of coupled chemical reactions.

Electrochemical methods. Fundamentals and applications Bard A.J., Faulkner L.R. 2001 г 850 c Электрохимия pdf 23 Мб

This structure is generally that of the 1980 edition, but important additions have been made to cover new topics or subjects that have evolved extensively.
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Physical Review. Volume 083, pages 1011-1017. Nuclear Reactions Resulting from the Proton Bombardment of Aluminum Shoemaker F.C., Faulkner J.E., Bouricius G.M., Kaufmann S.G., Mooring F.P. 1951 г 7 c Physical Review pdf 1.3 Мб
Physical Review. Volume 167, pages 0601-0607. Calculation of the Band Structure for Copper as a Function of Lattice Spacing Davis H.L., Faulkner J.S., Joy H.W. 1968 г 7 c Physical Review pdf 1.5 Мб
Physical Review. Volume 183, pages 0798-0806. Donor-Acceptor Pair Lines in Cadmium Sulfide Henry C.H., Faulkner R.A., Nassau K. 1969 г 9 c Physical Review pdf 2.3 Мб
Physical Review. Volume 185, pages 1064-1068. Zeeman Effect and Crystal-Field Splitting of Excitons Bound to Isoelectronic Bismuth in Gallium Phosphide Dean P.J., Faulkner R.A. 1969 г 5 c Physical Review pdf 957 Кб
Physical Review. Volume 188, pages 1228-1239. Excitonic Molecule Bound to the Isoelectronic Nitrogen Trap in GaP Merz J.L., Faulkner R.A., Dean P.J. 1969 г 12 c Physical Review pdf 2.3 Мб
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