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Crystal Reports 9 on Oracle Harper A. 2003 г 512 c Oracle chm 10 Мб

Explaining how to create in-depth reports with Crystal Reports in an Oracle database, this helpful guide provides coverage of SQL and PL/SQL, as well as practical techniques and tools for optimizing the database and Crystal Reports process, troubleshooting tips, and more.

Physical Review. Volume 083, pages 0709-0712. Precipitation of Carbon and Nitrogen in Cold-Worked Alpha-Iron Harper S. 1951 г 4 c Physical Review pdf 746 Кб
Programming in standard ML Harper R. 2002 г 280 c Функциональные языки djvu 1.3 Мб

This book is an introduction to programming with the Standard ML programming language.
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Solar Energy Projects for the Evil Genius Harper G.D.J. 2007 г 196 c Техника pdf 9 Мб

Книга в популярной форме рассказывает о возможностях использования солнечной энергии.
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Global Methods for Combinatorial Isoperimetric Problems Harper L. 2004 г Математика pdf 3.2 Мб
Analytic methods in physics Harper C. 1999 г 316 c Математическая физика djvu 3.1 Мб
Analytic Methods in Physics Harper C. 1998 г 316 c Задачники по математической физике djvu 2 Мб
Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis Harper J.C., Delhanty J.D.A., Handyside A.H. 2001 г 278 c Генетика rar 20 Мб

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) is the detection and screening of genetic abnormality in gametes prior to fertilisation and embryos fertilised in vitro prior to implantation.
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Journal of Fluid Mechanics. Volume 237, pages 23-32. The leading edge of an oil slick, soap film, or bubble stagnant cap in Stokes flow Harper J.F. 1992 г 10 c Journal of Fluid Mechanics pdf 209 Кб
Collected works Harper T.K. Художественная литература на английском rar 7 Мб
Journal of Fluid Mechanics. Volume 058, pages 539-545. On bubbles with small immobile adsorbed films rising in liquids at low Reynolds numbers Harper J.F. 1973 г 7 c Journal of Fluid Mechanics pdf 154 Кб
Journal of Fluid Mechanics. Volume 052, pages 565-591. On the breakup of accelerating liquid drops Harper E.Y., Grube G.W., Chang I.-D. 1972 г 27 c Journal of Fluid Mechanics pdf 573 Кб
Journal of Fluid Mechanics. Volume 041, pages 751-758. On bubbles rising in line at large Reynolds numbers Harper J.F. 1970 г 8 c Journal of Fluid Mechanics pdf 180 Кб
Journal of Fluid Mechanics. Volume 033, pages 209-225. Maximum dissipation resulting from lift in a slow viscous shear flow Harper E.Y., Chang I.-D. 1968 г 17 c Journal of Fluid Mechanics pdf 298 Кб
Journal of Fluid Mechanics. Volume 032, pages 367-391. The motion of a spherical liquid drop at high Reynolds number Harper J.F., Moore D.W. 1968 г 25 c Journal of Fluid Mechanics pdf 490 Кб
Journal of Fluid Mechanics. Volume 027, pages 361-366. The effect of the variation of surface tension with temperature on the motion of bubbles and drops Harper J.F., Moore D.W., Pearson J.R.A. 1967 г 6 c Journal of Fluid Mechanics pdf 138 Кб
Journal of Fluid Mechanics. Volume 017, pages 141-153. On boundary layers in two-dimensional flow with vorticity Harper J.F. 1963 г 13 c Journal of Fluid Mechanics pdf 252 Кб
Journal of Fluid Mechanics. Volume 581, pages 157-165. Bubble rise in a liquid with a surfactant gas, in particular carbon dioxide Harper J.F. 2007 г 9 c Journal of Fluid Mechanics pdf 138 Кб
Journal of Fluid Mechanics. Volume 521, pages 115-123. Stagnant-cap bubbles with both diffusion and adsorption rate-determining Harper J.F. 2004 г 9 c Journal of Fluid Mechanics pdf 151 Кб
Journal of Fluid Mechanics. Volume 377, pages 253-266. The axisymmetric Prandtl-Batchelor eddy behind a circular disc in a uniform stream Harper J.F. 1998 г 14 c Journal of Fluid Mechanics pdf 226 Кб
Journal of Fluid Mechanics. Volume 351, pages 289-300. Bubbles rising in line: why is the first approximation so bad? Harper J.F. 1997 г 12 c Journal of Fluid Mechanics pdf 229 Кб
Physical Review. Volume 172, pages 0441-0450. The Mixed State in Superconducting Thin Films Harper F.E., Tinkham M. 1968 г 10 c Physical Review pdf 1.7 Мб
Physical Review. Volume 178, pages 1229-1234. Phonon-Cyclotron Broadening of Stokes Scattering from Polar Semiconductors Harper P.G. 1969 г 6 c Physical Review pdf 1.3 Мб
Science and Ultimate Reality. Quantum Theory, Cosmology, and Complexity Barrow J.D., Davies P.C.W., Harper C.L. (Jr.) 2004 г 721 c Общая теория относительности и космология, Физика pdf 10 Мб

This volume provides a fascinating preview of the future of physics, covering fundamental physics at the frontiers of research.
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Computer Methods for Macromolecular Sequence Analysis Shomer B., Harper R.A., Cameron G.N. 1996 г 706 c Клеточная и молекулярная биология pdf 11 Мб

Volume 183 of Methods in Enzymology dealing with the computer analysis of protein and nucleic acid sequences has proved very popular with molecular biologists and biochemists.
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Journal of Fluid Mechanics. Volume 232, pages 167-190. Stokes flow past a pair of stagnant-cap bubbles Lerner L., Harper J.F. 1991 г 24 c Journal of Fluid Mechanics pdf 433 Кб
Physical Review. Volume 049, pages 0940-0943. A High Speed Geiger-Counter Circuit Neher H.V., Harper W.W. 1936 г 4 c Physical Review pdf 640 Кб
Physical Review. Volume 105, pages 0399-0400. Nonradiative Transitions of Trapped Electrons in Polar Crystals O’dwyer J.J., Harper P.G. 1957 г 2 c Physical Review pdf 258 Кб
Physical Review. Volume 170, pages 0755-0762. Resonant-Polaron-Coupling Investigation by a Study of Linewidths, Strengths, and Frequencies of Cyclotron Resonance and Magnetic-Impurity Absorption in InSb Summers C.J., Dennis R.B., Wherrett B.S., Harper P.G., Smith S.D. 1968 г 8 c Physical Review pdf 1.5 Мб
Physical Review. Volume 183, pages 0692-0694. Concentration and Magnetic-Field Dependence of Spin-Flip Magneto-Raman Scattering Wherrett B.S., Harper P.G. 1969 г 3 c Physical Review pdf 641 Кб

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