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Stellar evolution and nucleosynthesis Reeves H. 1968 г 112 c Астрофизика djvu 1.6 Мб

In astrophysics we assume that the laws of physics, obtained in general by studying local (atomic, nuclear, etc.) phenomena, are applicable, by extrapolation, to the whole universe.
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Genetic Algorithms - Principles, Perspectives - Guide to GA Theory Reeves C., Rowe J. 2003 г Математика pdf 8 Мб
Accountability for learning Reeves D.B. 2004 г 160 c pdf 1.4 Мб

Explains how to transform accountability from destructive and demoralizing accounting drills into a constructive decision-making process that improves teaching, learning, and leadership.
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Collected works Reeve A.B. Художественная литература на английском rar 173 Кб
Annals of Physics. Volume 3, pages 386-396. Inequality relations for scattering cross sections Reeves H. 1958 г 11 c Annals of Physics pdf 362 Кб
Physical Review. Volume 116, pages 1505-1516. Nuclear Reactions in Stars. IV. Buildup from Carbon Reeves H., Salpeter E.E. 1959 г 12 c Physical Review pdf 2.4 Мб
Current Applied Physics. Volume 8, pages 283-286. Carbon enhanced blue–violet luminescence in ZnO films grown by pulsed laser deposition Mendelsberg R.J., Kennedy J., Durbin S.M., Reeves R.J. 2008 г 4 c Current Applied Physics pdf 116 Кб
Current Applied Physics. Volume 6, pages 495-498. Modification of electrical conductivity in RF magnetron sputtered ZnO films by low-energy hydrogen ion implantation Kennedy J., Markwitz A., Li Z., Gao W., Kendrick C., Durbin S.M., Reeves R. 2006 г 4 c Current Applied Physics pdf 166 Кб
Current Applied Physics. Volume 4, pages 225-228. Characterisation of polycrystalline gallium nitride grown by plasma-assisted evaporation Christie V.A., Liem S.I., Reeves R.J., Kennedy V.J., Markwitz A., Durbin S.M. 2004 г 4 c Current Applied Physics pdf 297 Кб
Annals of Physics. Volume 44, pages 426-478. On the nucleosynthesis of lithium, beryllium, and boron Bernas R., Gradsztajn E., Reeves H., Schatzman E. 1967 г 53 c Annals of Physics pdf 1.8 Мб
Reviews of Modern Physics. Volume 037, pages 437-441. Sequential Emission in the Reaction 7Li(d, n)2α Jones C.M., Bair J.K., Johnson C.H., Willard H.B., Reeves M. 1965 г 5 c Reviews of Modern Physics pdf 778 Кб
Physical Review. Volume 046, pages 0724-0727. The Effect of Concentration, Temperature and Wave-Length of Light upon the Verdet Constant of Cerous Chloride Solutions Slack F.G., Reeves R.L., Peoples Ja.A. 1934 г 4 c Physical Review pdf 658 Кб
Physical Review. Volume 092, pages 0867-0868. A Condition on Uniform Field Breakdown in Electron-Attaching Gases Geballe R., Reeves M.L. 1953 г 2 c Physical Review pdf 343 Кб
Physical Review. Volume 186, pages 0887-0891. Isotope Effect for Cation Self-Diffusion in CoO Crystals Chen W.K., Peterson N.L., Reeves W.T. 1969 г 5 c Physical Review pdf 894 Кб
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