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The Art of Flash Animation: Creative Cartooning Smith M.S. 2007 г 450 c Flash pdf 22 Мб

There are a number of manuals available on Flash, but too many of them get bogged down in details about ActionScript or interactivity.
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Radio Frequency Principles and Applications: The Generation, Propagation, and Reception of Signals and Noise Smith A.A. 1998 г 219 c СВЧ pdf 18 Мб

Now, in a single convenient volume, you can have all the information you need on real-world applications of electromagnetic theory, including the prediction, analysis, and measurement of electromagnetic fields and their effects.
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Principles and Applications of Tensor Analysis Smith M. 1963 г Математика pdf 6 Мб
Principles and Applications of Tensor Analysis Smith M.S. 1963 г 129 c Тензорный и векторный анализ, формы djvu 1.9 Мб

Principles and Applications of Tensor Analysis presents a detailed step-by-step development of tensor notation and theory, advanced concepts in tensor analysis, differential geometry, and analytical mechanics in tensor form.

Physical Review. Volume 008, pages 0721-0737. The Magnetic Properties of Hematite Smith T.T. 1916 г 17 c Physical Review pdf 2.3 Мб
Physical Review. Volume 015, pages 0345-0364. Magnetization and Hysteresis in Hematite Crystals Smith T.T. 1920 г 20 c Physical Review pdf 1.9 Мб
Physical Review. Volume 019, pages 0276-0277. Spherical Aberration in Thin Lenses Smith T.T. 1922 г 2 c Physical Review pdf 225 Кб
Physical Review. Volume 034, pages 0393-0399. The Second Spark Spectrum of Lead Pb III Smith S. 1929 г 7 c Physical Review pdf 717 Кб
Physical Review. Volume 035, pages 0235-0239. An Extension of the Spectrum of T1 II Smith S. 1930 г 5 c Physical Review pdf 548 Кб
Physical Review. Volume 036, pages 0001-0004. A Note on the Spectra of Doubly and Trebly Ionized Lead Smith S. 1930 г 4 c Physical Review pdf 370 Кб
Physical Review. Volume 039, pages 1013-1014. Far Ultraviolet Eigenfrequencies of the Alkali Halides Smith A. 1932 г 2 c Physical Review pdf 300 Кб
Physical Review. Volume 044, pages 0520-0523. Absorption of NaCl, KCl and KI in the Far Ultraviolet Smith A. 1933 г 4 c Physical Review pdf 558 Кб
Physical Review. Volume 082, pages 0955-0956. Forbidden Beta-Ray Spectra Smith A.M. 1951 г 2 c Physical Review pdf 365 Кб
Collected works Smith M.M. Художественная литература на английском rar 291 Кб
Collected works Smith A.M. Художественная литература на английском rar 1.3 Мб
Collected works Smith A. Художественная литература на английском rar 35 Кб
Collected works Smith M. Художественная литература на английском rar 1.3 Мб
Collected works Smith S. Художественная литература на английском rar 1.1 Мб
Explaining chaos Smith P. 1998 г 193 c Теоретическая механика djvu 1.7 Мб

Chaotic dynamics has been hailed as the third great scientific revolution in physics in this century, comparable to relativity and quantum mechanics.
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How I Trade for a Living Smith G. 1999 г 272 c Психология pdf 3.7 Мб

Master the Markets by Trading from Home! how I trade for a living "Gary Smith deals in reality.
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Teach yourself Greek Smith F.K., Melliush T.W. 1968 г 335 c Греческий язык djvu 5 Мб
.NET Internationalization: The Developer’s Guide to Building Global Windows and Web Applications Smith-Ferrier G. 2006 г 672 c MS.NET chm 9 Мб

As business becomes more and more global, software developers increasingly need to make applications multi-lingual and culturally aware.
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Writing Add-Ins for Visual Studio .NET Smith L. 2002 г 532 c MS.NET chm 16 Мб

Contains complete, practical, usable add-in code in every chapter Includes many reusable add-in code methods, as well as quick-reference “how to” examples Author is the developer of major commercial VB 6.0 add-ins, including VBCommander and VBXref2000, and has 30+ years of experience in operating systems and application development Visual Studio .NET is the most extensible development environment Microsoft has released to date.
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Elementary statistical thermodynamics. A problems approach Smith N.O. 1982 г 216 c Статистическая физика и термодинамика djvu 1.6 Мб

This book is a sequel to my Chemical Thermodynamics: A Problems Approach published in 1967, which concerned classical thermodynamics almost exclusively.
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Virtual Machines: Versatile Platforms for Systems and Processes Smith J., Ravi N. 2005 г 656 c Вычислительная техника pdf 46 Мб

Virtual Machine technology applies the concept of virtualization to an entire machine, circumventing real machine compatibility constraints and hardware resource constraints to enable a higher degree of software portability and flexibility.
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Optics and photonics: an introduction Smith F.G., King T.A., Wilkins D. 2007 г 506 c Оптика pdf 7 Мб

Teaching and research in modern optics must encompass the ray approach of geometric optics, the wave approach of diffraction and interferometry, and the quantum physics of the interaction of light and matter.
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March’s Advanced Organic Chemistry: Reactions, Mechanisms, and Structure Smith M.B., March J. 2001 г 2083 c Химия djvu 17 Мб

"March has been uncompromising in his search for clarity and utility in presentations of a wide variety of essential organic chemistry.
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Digital Signal Processing: A Practical Guide for Engineers and Scientists Smith S.W. 2003 г 672 c Вычислительная техника pdf 23 Мб

In addition to its thorough coverage of DSP design and programming techniques, Smith also covers the operation and usage of DSP chips.
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Oxford dictionary of biochemistry and molecular biology Smith A.D., Datta S.P., Smith G.H. 2000 г 738 c Биологическая и медицинская химия djvu 20 Мб

With over 17,000 endnotes, this reference work is a major source of information for all professionals, scholars, and students of biochemistry and molecular biology.
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Automated Continuous Process Control Smith C.A. 2002 г 216 c Оптимизация и управление pdf 1.4 Мб

This textbook explains the practical design and operation of process control systems for engineer and technicians.
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Elements of soil mechanics: seventh edition Smith G.N., Smith I.G.N. 1998 г 494 c Геофизика djvu 3.5 Мб

By the time this book is published later this year, it will be nine years since I wrote the preface to the sixth edition.
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Anorexia and Bulimia in the Family. One Parent’s Practical Guide to Recovery Smith G. 2004 г 218 c Медицина pdf 1.6 Мб

"Written by a mother whose daughter suffers from an eating disorder, Anorexia and Bulimia Nervosa is a supportive, helpful guide for families of those with eating disorders.
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Adobe Creative Suite 2 All-in-one Desk Reference for Dummies Smith C., Smith J. 2005 г 736 c Приложения для ПК pdf 14 Мб
Foundation 3ds Max 8 Architectural Visualization Smith B.L. 2006 г 554 c Компьютерная графика rar 17 Мб

3ds Max 8, is the latest version of one of the world’s most powerful and popular 3D design software packages.
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Protein Sequencing Protocols (2nd Edition) Smith B.J., Tempst P. 2002 г 508 c Protein Protocol pdf 1 Мб

Bryan John Smith updates his much-acclaimed first edition with new and updated techniques for determining the sequence of proteins and peptides.
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Linux in a Windows World Smith R. 2005 г 494 c Unix/Linux chm 2.5 Мб

Linux’s unparalleled functionality and adaptability have made it the main alternative to Unix and Microsoft Windows operating systems.
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Physical Review. Volume 005, pages 0035-0042. The Leduc Effect in Some Metals and Alloys Smith A.W., Smith A.W. 1915 г 8 c Physical Review pdf 722 Кб
Physical Review. Volume 073, page 0633. Nuclear Quadrupole Coupling of Nitrogen in ICN and N2O Smith A.G., Ring H., Smith W.V., Gordy W. 1948 г 1 c Physical Review pdf 442 Кб
Physical Review. Volume 074, pages 0370-0372. Interatomic Distances and Nuclear Quadrupole Couplings in ClCN, BrCN, and ICN Smith A.G., Ring H., Smith W.V., Gordy W. 1948 г 3 c Physical Review pdf 590 Кб
Physical Review. Volume 075, pages 0260-0263. Microwave Spectroscopy in the Region of Three to Five Millimeters Smith A.G., Gordy W., Simmons Ja.W., Smith W.V. 1949 г 4 c Physical Review pdf 1 021 Кб
Physical Review. Volume 107, pages 0525-0527. Neutron Total Cross Section of Np237 from 0.02 to 2.8 ev Smith M.S., Smith R.R., Joki E.G., Evans J.E. 1957 г 3 c Physical Review pdf 578 Кб
Physical Review. Volume 125, pages 1329-1333. Neutron-Induced Fission of Pu241 Smith H.L., Smith R.K., Henkel R.L. 1962 г 5 c Physical Review pdf 946 Кб
Modern Raman Spectroscopy. A Practical Approach Smith E., Dent G. 2005 г 225 c Квантовая оптика pdf 2.6 Мб

For many years the practice of Raman spectroscopy was confined to experts in dedicated academic or industrial research laboratories.
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March’s Organic Chemistry 5th ed. Smith M.B., March J. 2001 г 2103 c Химия djvu 19 Мб
Mathematics of the Discrete Fourier Transform Smith J. 2002 г Математика pdf 1.5 Мб
Modern optical engineering Smith W.J. 2000 г 617 c Оптика pdf 6 Мб

Third Edition. The optical engineering field’s most widely used, benchmark book/CD, now updated to reflect an entire decade’s worth of optical and lens advances.
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Mechanical Engineer’s Reference Book Smith E.H. 2000 г 1190 c Физика pdf 45 Мб

Experts from academia and industry have contributed sections on their areas of expertise to provide one of the most comprehensive sources of information for engineers.
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Oxford Dictionary of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Smith A. et al. 2000 г 757 c Биология djvu 20 Мб
March’s advanced organic chemistry: reactions, mechanisms, and structure Smith M.B., March J. 2001 г 2101 c Химия djvu 17 Мб
Elementary Treatise on Solid Geometry Smith C. 1907 г Математика pdf 19 Мб

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