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Physical Review. Volume 134, pages B1111-B1123. K-N Interaction in the I=0 State at Low Energies Stenger V.J., Slater W.E., Stork D.H., Ticho H.K., Goldhaber G., Goldhaber S. 1964 г 13 c Physical Review pdf 2 Мб
Order out of chaos Prigogine I., Stengers I. 1984 г 385 c Нелинейная физика. Хаос, Философия pdf 8 Мб

Ilya Prigogine, winner of the Nobel Prize in 1977 for his work on the thermodynamics of non-equilibrium systems, makes his ideas accessible to a wide audience in this book, which has engendered massive debate in Europe and America.
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Physical Review. Volume 156, pages 1415-1426. Pion-Proton Charge-Exchange Scattering from 500 to 1300 MeV Chiu Ch.B., Eandi R.D., Helmholz A.C., Kenney R.W., Moyer B.J., Poirier Jo.A., Richards W.B., Cence R.J., Peterson V.Z., Sehgal N.K., Stenger V.J. 1967 г 12 c Physical Review pdf 2.4 Мб
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