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Physical Review. Volume 026, pages 0256-0260. A Theory of Electrical Conduction in Metals Wolf A. 1925 г 5 c Physical Review pdf 489 Кб
Collected works Wolfe T. Художественная литература на английском rar 368 Кб
Variable and Non-spherical Stellar Winds in Luminous Hot Stars Wolf B., Stahl O., Fullerton A.W. (eds.) 1999 г 423 c Астрофизика djvu 3.6 Мб

There is abundant evidence that essentially all luminous hot star winds contain time dependent and anisotropic structures.
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Nanophysics and nanotechnology. An introduction to modern concepts in nanoscience Wolf E.L. 2004 г 174 c Техника djvu 8 Мб

Providing the first self-contained introduction to the physical concepts, techniques and applications of nanotechnology, this is of interest to readers grounded in college chemistry and physics.
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Getting started with mathematica Wolfe C. 1999 г 551 c Mathematica pdf 5 Мб

Mathematica is a computer program for doing mathematics. It is often used for instruction, homework, research, and writing.
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Lattice-gas cellular automata and lattice Boltzmann models Wolf-Gladrow D.A. 2000 г 274 c Статистическая физика и термодинамика djvu 2.1 Мб

Lattice-gas cellular automata (LGCA) and lattice Boltzmann models (LBM) are relatively new and promising methods for the numerical solution of nonlinear partial differential equations.
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Nanophysics and Nanotechnology Wolf E. 2004 г 184 c Физика твердого тела djvu 7 Мб

This book originated with an elective sequence of two upper level undergraduate Physics courses, which I initiated at Polytechnic University. "Concepts of Nanotechnology" and "Techniques and Applications of Nanotechnology" are taken in the spring of the junior year and the following fall, and the students have a number of such sequences to choose from.
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Graphene: A New Paradigm in Condensed Matter and Device Physics Wolf E.L. 2014 г 320 c Физика твердого тела pdf 7 Мб
The Scaled Boundary Finite Element Method Wolf J.P. 2003 г 363 c Метод конечных элементов djvu 6 Мб

A novel computational procedure called the scaled boundary finite-element method is described which combines the advantages of the finite-element and boundary-element methods: Of the finite-element method that no fundamental solution is required and thus expanding the scope of application, for instance to anisotropic material without an increase in complexity and that singular integrals are avoided and that symmetry of the results is automatically satisfied.
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Nonlinear Phenomena Wolf K.B. (ed.) 1983 г 451 c Нелинейная физика. Хаос djvu 3.3 Мб

The School and Workshop on Non-Linear Phenomena was planned as an activity sponsored by the Centro Internacional de Fisica y Matematicas Orientadas (CIFMO).
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Group Theoretical Methods in Physics Wolf K.B. (ed.) 1980 г 652 c Квантовая теория поля djvu 4 Мб

The importance which group theoretical methods have been acquiring in physics and the new mathematical developments in their track have made it increasingly necessary to have periodic conferences in this field.
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Lie Methods in Optics II Wolf K.B. (ed.) 1989 г 197 c Оптика djvu 1.2 Мб

After the first Lie Methods in Optics workshop, 1 informal contacts with the participants and readers of the proceedings volume s suggested the time was ripe for a second such gathering.
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Getting Started with Mathematica and Maple Wolfe C. 1999 г 551 c Mathematica gz 2.6 Мб
Collected works Wolfe G. Художественная литература на английском rar 12 Мб
Collected works Wolfe R. Художественная литература на английском rar 26 Кб
Collected works Wolf J. Художественная литература на английском rar 2.2 Мб
Collected works Wolf K. Художественная литература на английском rar 9 Кб
Collected works Wolf R. Художественная литература на английском rar 8 Кб
Annals of Physics. Volume 172, pages 1-25. Symmetry in Lie optics Wolf K.B. 1986 г 25 c Annals of Physics pdf 800 Кб
Annals of Physics. Volume 85, pages 454-464. On a one-dimensional four-body scattering system Wolfes J. 1974 г 11 c Annals of Physics pdf 293 Кб
Reviews of Modern Physics. Volume 033, pages 439-447. The Cusp in Lambda-K Production at Sigma-K Threshold Wolf S.E., Schmitz N., Lloyd L.J., Laskar W., Crawford F.S., Button Ja., Anderson Ja.A., Alexander G. 1961 г 9 c Reviews of Modern Physics pdf 2.5 Мб
Physical Review. Volume 029, pages 0135-0140. Absorption Coefficient of Helium for its Own Radiation Wolf A., Weatherby B.B. 1927 г 6 c Physical Review pdf 562 Кб
Physical Review. Volume 037, pages 0591-0601. Scattering of High Velocity Electrons in Hydrogen as a Test of the Interaction Energy of two Electrons Wolfe H.C. 1931 г 11 c Physical Review pdf 1 Мб
Physical Review. Volume 041, pages 0443-0458. Multiplet Splitting and Intensities of Intercombination Lines Part I Wolfe H.C. 1932 г 16 c Physical Review pdf 1.4 Мб
Physical Review. Volume 043, pages 0221-0223. Interpretation of X-Ray Satellites Wolfe H.C. 1933 г 3 c Physical Review pdf 482 Кб
Physical Review. Volume 046, page 0237. Spontaneous Disintegration of Proton or Neutron According to the Fermi Theory Wolfe H.C., Uhlenbeck G.E. 1934 г 1 c Physical Review pdf 191 Кб
Physical Review. Volume 046, pages 1095-1107. The Magnetostriction of Pure and Alloyed Bi Single Crystals Wolf A., Goetz A. 1934 г 13 c Physical Review pdf 2.6 Мб
Physical Review. Volume 049, page 0274. Quantum Mechanics and Physical Reality Wolfe H.C. 1936 г 1 c Physical Review pdf 124 Кб
Physical Review. Volume 075, pages 0527-0528. Yields of the Platinum Group Radio-Isotopes in the High Energy Helium-Ion Bombardment of Uranium Wolfe R.D., Ballou N.E. 1949 г 2 c Physical Review pdf 450 Кб
Physical Review. Volume 079, pages 1020-1021. The Acceleration of Dust Grains by Supernovae Wolfe B., Routly P.M., Wightman A.S., Spitzer L. 1950 г 2 c Physical Review pdf 477 Кб
Physical Review. Volume 099, pages 0268-0272. Elastic Photoproduction of π0 Mesons from Deuterium Wolfe B., Silverman A., Dewire J.W. 1955 г 5 c Physical Review pdf 949 Кб
Physical Review. Volume 105, pages 0921-0922. Electroluminescence of Semiconducting Diamonds Wolfe R., Woods J. 1957 г 2 c Physical Review pdf 502 Кб
Physical Review. Volume 108, pages 1152-1157. Effect of Crystalline Electric Fields on Ferromagnetic Anisotropy Wolf W.P. 1957 г 6 c Physical Review pdf 1.2 Мб
Physical Review. Volume 115, pages 1196-1197. Cooling by Adiabatic Magnetization Wolf W.P. 1959 г 2 c Physical Review pdf 372 Кб
Physical Review. Volume 118, pages 1490-1492. Magnetism of Europium Garnet Wolf W.P., Vleck J.H.V. 1960 г 3 c Physical Review pdf 559 Кб
Physical Review. Volume 123, pages 0898-0902. Photoalpha Reaction in Sb121 Wolfe Jo.H., Hummel Jo.P. 1961 г 5 c Physical Review pdf 882 Кб
Physical Review. Volume 124, pages 0449-0452. Susceptibility of Gadolinium Iron Garnet below the Néel Point Wolf W.P., Bozorth R.M. 1961 г 4 c Physical Review pdf 734 Кб
Physical Review. Volume 125, pages 0307-0310. Natural Radioactivity of Rhenium Wolf C.J., Johnston W.H. 1962 г 4 c Physical Review pdf 871 Кб
Physical Review. Volume 129, pages 1086-1087. Experimental Verification of the Kelvin Relation of Thermoelectricity in a Magnetic Field Wolfe R., Smith G.E. 1963 г 2 c Physical Review pdf 427 Кб
Physical Review. Volume 137, pages B1634-B1643. Rates of Nuclear Reactions in Solid-Like Stars Wolf R.A. 1965 г 10 c Physical Review pdf 1.9 Мб
Physical Review. Volume 142, pages 0555-0569. Diffusion Effects in the Inhomogeneously Broadened Case: High-Temperature Saturation of the F-Center Electron Spin Resonance Wolf E.L. 1966 г 15 c Physical Review pdf 3.1 Мб
Physical Review. Volume 160, pages 0866-0873. Nuclear g Factors of the First Excited 2+ States in Samarium-152 and -154 and Gadolinium-156, -158, and -160 Wolfe P.J., Scharenberg R.P. 1967 г 8 c Physical Review pdf 1.3 Мб
Physical Review. Volume 166, pages 0376-0382. Electric Multipole Interactions between Rare-Earth Ions Wolf W.P., Birgeneau R.J. 1968 г 7 c Physical Review pdf 1.5 Мб
Physical Review. Volume 170, pages 1059-1065. Angular Correlations in the (d,pf) Reaction Wolf K.L., Vandenbosch R., Loveland W.D. 1968 г 7 c Physical Review pdf 1.4 Мб
Physical Review. Volume 178, pages 1171-1188. Anharmonic Contributions to the Debye-Waller Factor Wolfe G.A., Goodman B. 1969 г 18 c Physical Review pdf 3.3 Мб
Physical Review. Volume 182, pages 1538-1560. Single- and Double-Pion Production by One-Pion Exchange and a Comparison with Experimental Data between 1.6 and 20 GeV / c Wolf G. 1969 г 23 c Physical Review pdf 3.5 Мб
The Physics of Atoms and Quanta. Introduction to Experiments and Theory Haken H., Wolf H.C. 2005 г 526 c Квантовая механика djvu 9 Мб

The highly positive affirmation and wide reception that this book continues to receive from professors and students alike is the occasion for this 7th edition.
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Principles of Optics Born M., Wolf E. 1980 г 854 c Оптика pdf 24 Мб

The first ever thoroughly revised and expanded edition of one of the classic books on optics of the twentieth century; new material includes an account of the CAT scan (computerized axial tomography); an expanded section on diffraction, including an account of the Rayleigh-Sommerfeld theory; explanation of effects of spatial coherence on the spectrum of light, illustrated by Young’s interference experiment with broad-band light; new chapter on both scalar and electromagnetic scattering; and new appendices include; an account of energy conservation in scalar wavefields Jones' lemma on asymptotic behaviour of certain integrals.

Optical Coherence and Quantum Optics Mandel L., Wolf E. 1995 г 1166 c Квантовая оптика djvu 10 Мб

Prior to the development of the first lasers in the 1960s, optical coherence was not a subject with which many scientists had much acquaintance, even though early contributions to the field were made by several distinguished physicists, including Max von Laue, Erwin Schrodinger and Frits Zernike.
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Color atlas of periodontology Rateitschak K.H., Rateitschak E.M., Wolf H.F., Hassell T.M. 1985 г 315 c Биология djvu 19 Мб

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